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7 Top Coursera Python Courses To Enroll In [2023]!

The core agent of modern functional programming is Python and undoubtedly it has revolutionized the tech domain, so Coursera Python courses can help you to gain a better understanding of this complex programming language.

The core agent of modern functional programming is Python and undoubtedly it has revolutionized the tech domain, so Coursera Python courses can help you to gain a better understanding of this complex language.

Key Points

  • Python is one of the most popular and fast-growing programming languages due to its syntactic approach which makes it simpler to write and execute.
  • Coursera Python courses give you an insight into the core concepts of Python and provide you with the keys to identifying system APIs and their development.
  • With the help of Coursera Python courses, you can tackle the real-world problems associated with tech in an ordered manner because of bearing an earlier familiarity with the chief libraries and characters of Python.
  • Coursera Python courses are usually offered in the form of a series containing multiple courses on various areas of Python language understanding and operation. It is better to specialize as a whole rather than master a single course.

In this article, we have listed out the ideal 7 top Coursera Python courses which are no less than bliss for lovers of the programming world.

History of Python Programming Language

If you were born in the 90s, then you must have encountered those old and extremely boring-looking desktops which used to manage a number of functions in their old-school way. Now, this thing must have been taught to all of you in schools that every interface on a computer is a work of extensive programming. That means limited programming could lead to limited and terrible operations.

So, the first thing which was thought by the scientists was to explore a programming language that should not be complex but syntactically and functionally convenient for every coder to write and operate.

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This was how Guido Van Rossum created the biggest language of modern programming which was referred to as Python. The basic motivation behind developing Python was to give the world a language that was interactive and intelligent enough to simplify information and allow enormous programming-related operations. In other words, the aim was to strengthen the backbone of programming with a language that was both easy to interpret and code.

An Overview of Python Programming Language

The modern definition of Python refers to the general-purpose programming code which is multipurpose as well as operates on high levels. With the help of natural language, you are able to release commands in a dynamic pattern. This seems a bit bizarre to think that ordinary language can be implemented, but it’s a fact that using convenient syntax and garbage-collected modules to constitute a language for computer interpretation is changing the course of the world.

Many international organizations and mega brands are relying exclusively on Python to create integrated systems for running large-scale websites, applications, and in fact data systems. Organizations like NASA, Pixar, and Netflix are working entirely due to the code programmed in Python language. The significance of Python can be considered by the fact that not only it’s an easy-to-write language but Python is also one of the most modern and fast technologies in the world. So, not just the creation but the execution too is way better, reliable, and functional as compared to the standard languages.

Coursera Python Courses

Coursera has turned out to be one of the most widely used platforms when it comes to understanding the basics of Python and attaining a professional specialization in writing the language. As it provides courses ranging from the beginners to the advanced level in a very convenient way. All you need is a working laptop and a good internet connection alongside standard Coursera Python courses and let your hands type that code flawlessly.

The ruler of the Python learning world takes its reins in its professional grip with the help of these 7 brilliant courses:

Python for Everybody Specialization

If there is a single course that has made Coursera famous overnight, it’s this specific course which is being offered by the University of Michigan. The course itself is divided into sub-courses that all correlate and lead to a full-fledged professional-level specialization in Python. The course covers separate phases ranging from the beginners to the advanced learners according to the types of their needs.

As the course begins, you explore the phenomenon of installation of Python on your associated desktop or laptop. Afterward, you find out the coding principles which are implied to write Python using your computer. Afterward, the basics of Python including XML and JSON are specifically clarified to the learners. From the explanation of the basics to incorporating them in the professional-level creation of the websites. Alongside this, you are able to learn about varying utilizing programming tools and advanced databases used in professional programming processes.

Python Basics

This is another phase of the Python for Everybody Specialization. From the University of Michigan, this course is especially directed to aspiring programmers who have very little understanding of the world of programming. The core concepts of Python 3 are explained in painstaking detail in this course.

The best part of this course is that its approach is very convenient to teach young learners. First, all the theoretical details are conveyed to the young seekers and then the implementation is taught. Starting from the simplest implementation, this course allows you to draw a picture of the turtle merely with the help of Python 3. This little activity clears out your implementation confusion and guides you about the tactics of this language.

Python 3 Programming Specialization

If you are an aspiring programmer or an individual who’s into coding, you might be familiar with the recent Python style Python 3 which is the simplest ever programming language with some new but useful mechanics of operation. This course is offered to reveal the latest features of Python 3 and then to make you realize its usability. As you begin the course, you find out the details associated with the APIs which serve as the backbone of a database.

In light of this APIs’ understanding, you learn about the 3rd Party libraries and their significance along with the latest version of Python. Since it’s a specialization, you are going to explore some other dimensions of Python 3. The most common is the Python 3 image library and tesseract. As your instructor teaches you the art of sorting through the chief database and the image libraries, you get more and more refined in commanding tesseract for text detection using the OCR mechanism and explore the basics of visualization of an image by learning image modification and manipulation.

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started With Python)

This course is originally a specialization of the major programming languages and contains Python as one of the most prominent computer languages. This specific course takes its inspiration from the most renowned textbook, “Python for Everybody”. It is worth learning that the course content is divided into fragments in light of the several topics given in the book.

So, you can find the practical implementation of the bookish knowledge over here. Starting from the basics of installation and coding, the course takes an interesting turn while explaining the core differences in the Syntax and Semantics of Python language. Apart from writing codes for creating basic databases, it also sheds light on the usage of various programming tools which can be used in relevant to Python itself. Alongside, data calculation using Python is just a bonus feature offered to you.

Statistics with Python Specialization

Python is not just a legit language when it comes to organizing advanced databases, but it has a variety of functions including the statistical approach. This course gives you an insight into the data visualization strategy by making complete use of the advanced libraries associated with Python.

As you get a taste of data visualization, you are taken to the other section where the original task begins. Here, you are given details about multiple statistical modeling techniques to arrange and create data systems. This is both grounded in theoretical understanding as well as significant application to sort out real-world problems. Besides, the research significance and analysis using statistical approaches with the collaboration of Python are simplified for you.

Python for Data Science, AI & Development

This course is loved by the novices. Trusted by many, it’s a fun course that has multiple sides of teaching. The direct goal is to make Python simpler for all. The good news is you don’t need any knowledge about those complex data structures that one has always assumed about programming. What you can rightly do is just enroll yourself and let your instructor manage the rest.

Starting from the understanding of the simpler Python data structures, you are taken into the sections consisting of ideas about branching, Lists, and Tuples. From onward, you can easily learn perfect commands over the best Python libraries like Pandas and Numpy. Side by side, the perfect identification of APIs and creation of data lists are taught to you through hands-on labs. You will practice everything by yourself which you are going to explore over here. Guess what you are going to use for all that data collection and scraping? Well, Jupiter Notebooks are going to guide your path throughout.

Crash Course on Python

Many of us have remained fans of crash courses because they are simpler, quick, and full of practical knowledge. Google maintains that old-school agenda and brings out the modern variation of traditional crash courses in the form of an exclusive crash course on Python. The focus of the course stays on the principle and art of automatization. Using automation as a standard, the significance of Python is described.

The next phase consists of a practical take on automation where writing small Python scripts for integrated systems is made easy for you. As you know, writing a Python script is almost impossible without the availability of the concerned dictionaries. So, first things first, an acquaintance with dictionaries and other secondary structures like strings, branches, and lists is made mandatory. By the end of the course, you are able to write a perfectly crafted Python script for automated actions and custom Python object creation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coursera Python Courses

Are the Coursera Python courses worth my bucks?

Yes, there is no denial to this. Coursera provides some of the most advanced courses with the finest course content involving the usability of data systems, and information about database structuring, and functionality in varying phases. So, you can rely on these courses for your professional growth. Alongside, the courses are quite interactive in providing a practical taste of the learning journey by focusing on real-world problems.

What is the average length of most of the Coursera Python courses?

The average length varies from course to course and then specialization gets a bit longer. However, the very basic courses provide you with a timeline of two days to four weeks. Specialization, on the contrary, continues for some good six months where you are obligated to complete multiple courses in series.

Are Coursera Python courses expensive?

In light of the guidelines offered by Coursera Python courses, the bucks no longer create a huge deal. On average an ideal course costs approx $40-90 dollars and in this cost you are able to not only learn the course, but you can further gain practical knowledge by applying the learned concepts.

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Coursera Python courses are a great deal for those learners who exclusively want to focus on the latest tools and techniques associated with this grand programming language. Compared to a formal educational system, we advise that seeking Python specialization can be a better and more lucrative option.

Here, you are solely taught the major concepts associated with Python compared to a mixed programming languages approach of the degrees. As in the conventional setup, you cannot learn that much about the basics, so by taking the courses, multiple things seem clear and bright before you.



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