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Drone Entrepreneur: 10 Deadly Sins That Can Destroy Business!

A drone entrepreneur is the one who’s closest to losing all his stakes because of the choices which turn wrong all along.

Key Facts

  • A drone entrepreneur is the one who favors the past market traditions and runs business according to the traditional business standards showing a specific kind of contempt towards the modern ideals of business and technology.
  • Most often a drone entrepreneur remains limited to a small business venture due to false choices.
  • A reluctance to adopt modern standards and principles comes from the belief in staining the glorious past and professional pride.
  • Drone business ventures do not work in the long run and are replaced by modern and reliable entrepreneurial ventures matching the needs of customers.

Who is A Drone Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is an extensive concept today. You cannot stick to one particular definition and set one single standard of becoming successful in the market. You rather have to look at different perspectives and analyze vast ideals to come up with a fixed definition of the concept itself.

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A drone entrepreneur is one such outcome that stems out of a concept so old and deeply rooted. When an individual focuses more upon “maintaining the family pride” in the form of business and hates adopting modern ways to alter the standards of his/her business, the individual is categorized as a drone entrepreneur.

Are Traditions Prestigious Enough Than Businesses?

Many economic experts today raise this question whenever they find someone sticking to the business standards from the past. It is indeed a wonder in itself that some individuals take traditions more deeply than their profits. There are various reasons for being so stubborn concerning business growth. Some of them are:

  1. Traditional Schooling: Many individuals are schooled in a pattern where they have been taught to regard their culture and the glorious traditions which paint a brighter picture of their culture. So, these individuals have a mindset that prohibits them from adopting any other professional attitude than the one with which they were being fed in the past.
  2. Prestige: For many business owners, adopting new norms of business in an instant is no less than a matter of shame. It is the prestige associated with their glorious business of the past which hinders their progress in the present, drawing them back to the bygone era.
  3. Lack of Self-Confidence: Many business owners are often low-spirited due to the potential danger of big businesses which act as their rivals. In these cases, owners of traditional businesses are often the ones who quit the idea of competing with their competitors due to the fear of being labeled as an imitator. They are even unsure of their success after adopting the new trends, thus they prefer being conventionalists to being the epitome of shame and ridicule. (According to their beliefs).

What Kind of Businesses Drone Entrepreneurs Own?

Usually, drone entrepreneurs are the ones who will be found owning small-scale factories or businesses. Most of them have set up a kind of cottage industry where they aim to grow the worth of their culture among individuals by working according to conventional principles.

Another reason behind them not making a big name is their own decisions because they prefer to lay low rather than adapt to the ridiculous “new ideas”. They mostly hail from cultures where traditions are everything and anything going against that serves as a direct offense for the individual. Hence, they don’t get enough fame but are constantly working hard to meet both ends.

10 Absolutely Devastating Traits of a Drone Entrepreneur

A drone entrepreneur is the one deciding his/her own destiny because of the direct actions and policies he/she adopts. Some of his/her traits are:

  1. Not giving importance to creativity.
  2. Following the traditions blindly.
  3. Mocking the modern standards of business.
  4. Keeping the business a private affair.
  5. Not respecting opinions.
  6. Saving up the grand name.
  7. Self-assumed preservation of “professional pride”.
  8. Not feeling the need for change.
  9. Considering conventions superior to profit.
  10. Assuming modern challenges are nothing but nonsense.

Blocking Creativity

Creativity is what keeps human skills alive. If we skim the history, we will find out that many of the greatest innovations of the time resulted due to the creativity of its innovator. From the basic wheels to modern aircraft, creativity remained an essential ingredient of all the progress but what if this creativity is purposely blocked by someone?

The answer is quite simple. You will never be able to create anything further than where you were being stopped. A drone entrepreneur has the same attitude. For him/her, the creativity ends right where the traditions end. If he/she has crafted a product that narrates the traditional tale then it’s more than enough for him/her. This attitude becomes one of the major reasons that rivals beat them up easily.

Drone entrepreneurs don’t have any penchant for creativity. For them, fulfilling the traditional duty and coming up with an emblem of culture is the end goal, hence they don’t pay much attention to whatever comes next once they have introduced their piece of tradition in the market.

Blind Followers of Traditions

I have already said that a drone entrepreneur believes in the traditional way of business rather than the modern ones. They are not believers of modern technology or the latest style of running a business because they believe that this corrupts professionalism.

For such entrepreneurs, old ways and kinds of businesses are much more convenient since they have seen their families running businesses with the help of them. They are repulsive of modern ideals because of being a staunch supporter of the simpler ways of the past.

This debate became very heated recently by a number of environmentalists who accused modern industries of corrupting the environment with their raw materials. This idea also highlights another important aspect which is environmentalism.

This is why many of the businessmen who are against the idea of changing the natural ways of life are mostly the ones who disagree with the current system of business and startups which are consuming not only individuals but the environment as well.

Mocking The Modern Standards

Modern standards of business are highly superficial and based upon the capitalist manifesto. This philosophical criticism is not what I have composed on my own but every single drone entrepreneur believes this. The 21st century has seen a brilliant revolution in terms of business, so things now have a different outlook than in the past.

However, the standards have degraded continuously and this has affected the quality of the products as well. This idea makes a drone entrepreneur reluctant to favor the newest techniques and modules of business because according to their belief, quality lies in the tradition and that is why they tend to deliver that “lost quality” by associating themselves as the sacred guardians of conventional and reliable methods of business.

Keeping The Business a Private Affair

Businesses today want to achieve a global outreach because they know this will help them in strengthening their professional reputation. Nevertheless, a drone entrepreneur negates this.

They justify their reason for not going global. They consider it a false belief that their global reach will do any good to their traditional ways of managing the business. Rather, they are the ones who love to keep their setup small despite years of their service because this according to them helps them keep the standard of business immaculate.

This is why you will often find them spread in small demographics covering the needs of a specific number of customers. You might have noticed the low-lying confectionary setups or the handicraft businesses which are unwilling to get global because of the fear of taking up the “modern vibe” in their perfectly curated traditional environment.

Not Respecting Opinions

It is always suggested to entrepreneurs to have a high patience level because they have to bear a lot of criticism for every single venture they introduce or the product they launch. This aids them to get better in their professional life to the extent of being flawless.

Opinions or criticism come naturally with any business but that is not alright for a drone entrepreneur. Due to their adherence to their traditional norms, they are not ready to take a word of criticism on the way they govern a business under their authority.

Even if they are suggested to bring the much-needed change, they are the ones who turn that one suggestion down quickly because to them detaching themselves from their beloved traditional patterns is a big no.

Saving Up The Grand Name

Let me tell you a story. There was a man whose mansion had an exquisite name but the interior was worn out. Everything needed to be changed but he never felt the need to change anything at all because according to him, despite the internal breakdown and devastation, the exterior of the mansion was still grand and spacious and he had to preserve that grandeur till the end.

Seems senseless? I won’t be blaming you because this whole point becomes illogical when the base is gradually decaying. The same is the condition of a drone entrepreneur’s business venture.

Inwardly, everything is falling slowly because of being a little too old and the client is getting tired of the old ways, but to him/her, what matters the most is the preservation of the grandeur his/her business maintained from the beginning. So, eventually, things become worse for him, and in saving up the grandeur, all of the business ends miserably.

Preservation of Professional Pride

For an entrepreneur, reputation comes before anything else. Almost all of the entrepreneurs work hard to prove themselves in the challenging market because they know that the market only favors the outstanding ones. Once they have achieved this status, the next challenge for them is to preserve this pride of being a leader.

For a drone entrepreneur, this pride takes up a new shape turning into a status symbol. This is why once they have achieved a certain reputation, they preserve this by trying the old conventional norms again and again.

According to them, their pride comes from their depiction of the refined old-school business standards. The pride they take in their skill is what makes them self-obsessed and they stick to it till the end without polishing up their talent for the future, which of course is not the desired behavior in the professional domain.

Considering Change Needless

It is said that change is the only constant but not for a drone entrepreneur. For such entrepreneurs, change means inviting catastrophe to their end because they come up with some of their typical business rules which they respect as of biblical scripture.

The interesting part about their behavior is their sheer disgust toward any agent of change. Even still, many of the traditional entrepreneurs don’t believe in making use of robots for carrying out entrepreneurial services.

Even when Elon Musk initially brought the concept of cryptocurrency, it was disliked by even some of the leading entrepreneurs of the world because according to them the whole concept was baseless.

However, with time everyone got used to the new idea except some of the highly conventional entrepreneurs who still don’t have much positivity in their mind when it comes to the latest modes of running a business.

Declaring Conventions Superior to Profit

While business or an entrepreneurial venture is deemed profitable to some of the entrepreneurs, there are some other entrepreneurs who think otherwise. They don’t believe that profits count in a business the most. For them, becoming an embodiment of high standards and reviving the past traditions is very important.

This proclamation from their side is one reason behind the failures of businesses that are owned by drone entrepreneurs. You will rarely find them in the list of the strongest contenders or the highest profit collectors but they will be remembered for their stuff business policy when it comes to abiding by the traditional standards.

For many of the newbies in town, such entrepreneurs are used as examples for the sake of demonstrating wrong business ideals.

Taking no Notice of Challenges

If you aim to be an entrepreneur, then you are fully aware of the trials it offers at every step. There is nothing like rest once you enter into the entrepreneurial domain, you have to work constantly to tackle the challenges of this world.

For a drone entrepreneur, this finds an alternative shift. They are not the ones who get influenced by the challenges of the growing market but they are the ones who fully negate to be a part of the modern market considering it a “false imitation of capitalism”.

Hence, their lack of participation in the modern race due to their choice of tradition inhibits their business growth and their ventures turn out as failures in the end.


Traditions are a vital part of human life and there is no denial about this but not progressing for the sake of preserving the traditions is horrendous. When you are in the business world, one thing which you need to comprehend is that this world is dynamic. Nothing here remains for a very long time due to the entrance of new trends and innovations every other day.

So, being a drone entrepreneur in conditions that are unpredictable is not going to hold on to your professional burden for you for a long time, and eventually, the whole framework of your venture will get outdated and replaced by a more suitable and modern venture based on the need of time.



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