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10 Unforgettable Successful Entrepreneurs of 2021

As 2021 is drifting away from our hands, the entrepreneurial police have listed some of the most successful entrepreneurs of 2021 who have set an example with their genius skills.

Key Facts

  • Successful entrepreneurs might be a lot but few are the ones who are remembered because of their innovative mindset.
  • Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t a child’s play. Hard work counts a lot with the essence of your overall goals with an assurance of the direction you are choosing.
  • Being rich in the entrepreneurial domain isn’t the ultimate success but making use of your money to create fruitful future ventures is the real task.
  • Elon Musk reigns an empire if it is put into the literal sense. However, he is the king because he has a transformative personality and grand vision.

What does it mean to be successful?

Before we proceed any further, let’s find out the definition of the word successful from an entrepreneur’s perspective. For the successful lot out there, success lies in them sticking to their visions and completing their end goals through strategy and timely action.

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 Michael Dell, who’s a big name in the tech world, says that, 

“You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” 

What does this clarify?

This tells that a dream is a basic ingredient that breathes life into your venture. What makes an ordinary entrepreneur different from Jeff Bezos or any other master is their way of approaching their dream.

For Jeff, Amazon is not just about a business garnering profit far and wide but it’s an ideology that aims to change the world through its arrival.

An ordinary entrepreneur might consider this kind of venture as a unique way of making money which hinders the path for any kind of innovation. Without innovation, you can never expect to run the world of wonder at your fingertips.

The Champions of 2021

2021 has reflected itself as the year where some major changes happened all around the world and the style of business shifted due to the new hybrid lifestyle adopted because of the pandemic. Many names in the business world remained a prominent part of the business journals and remained a constant part of global headlines due to the bucket of their innovation.

So, let’s explore those champions who are standing tall in the industrial race and giving others a new dimension for innovation.

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Jeff Bezos
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Warren Buffett
  5. Mark Zuckerberg 
  6. Larry Ellison
  7. Larry Page
  8. Bernard Arnault
  9. Kylie Jenner
  10. Huda Kattan

Elon Musk

This 50-year-old business magnate is better known as “Mars Man” in the entrepreneurial circle. There is a lot to his credit if we start layering down his professional career. However, whenever someone brings a conversation about Tesla, his name is always present somewhere in the beginning, middle, or end of the conversation.

Besides, he has not only shown his business skills efficiently but has successfully turned the dream of humanity into reality about space right when he founded SpaceX in 2002.

This magician is responsible for bringing the space world closer to humanity through his dream of Mars. We all know about the autopilot Tesla wonders but no wonder Musk doesn’t seem stoppable after achieving this much.

His journey still seems incomplete though his bank accounts are filling up at a dangerous pace. With an ever-growing net worth of $255 billion USD, he reigns the throne of entrepreneurship this year.

All hail his ideas which are revolutionizing the tech world and this is why Times considers him the most influential person of 2021, alongside being the wealthiest one. Well, I am writing this while desperately waiting for Tesla’s Pi Phone which I am sure is going to be a trendsetter for all of its competitors for a very long time.

Jeff Bezos

The second star in this list is Jeff Bezos who needs no introduction since all of us have ordered some stuff from Amazon at different points of our lives. So, you guessed it right. He is the man behind the whole Amazon network which has extended itself over time into a media group as well as is stepping gradually into the tech world to bring out some of the most advanced tech gadgets for you.

57 years old Bezos seems unflinching and resilient when it comes to innovating new ideas and bringing day-to-day alterations in the already introduced services under his network. As the name of the venture is Amazon, you can expect the kind of attitude Bezos possesses towards Mother Nature and this is why this year Bezos has donated 2 billion USD to the UN’s Climate Change Action Program to tackle the growing concern of climate change.

This philanthropic side of him doesn’t mind getting back to the entrepreneurial world and making some more profit out of the latest ventures and media revenue. This year, a $200 billion USD net worth has garnered him the status of a runner-up in this race.

Bill Gates

This genius from Microsoft is still active in the race after all these years of struggle and effort. Mr. Gates has solely become the reason that the new generation wants to take entrepreneurship more seriously. The tech evolution also started right when the momentous Windows OS found its way on the brighter horizon of the commercial sphere.

In recent years, his services were acknowledged because of the staunch support he showed toward the vaccinating companies as well as the facilitation he provided by donating $350 million for the sake of immunization of the wider community. This raised the bar much higher among his rivals, but he still leads the way through his own injunctions.

Not only this, the books are written by him have achieved the status of best sellers but the most interesting thing here is his entry into the social media times. Right when he initiated his own YouTube channel and came up with ideas and experiences of diversity, he acquired a nomination in the much famous YouTube Streamy Awards which spoke volumes about his caliber in business.

By this year’s end, a net worth of $136 billion USD rests in his bucket, and yes to those who are intrigued by it, this is the money separated from the shares of his ex-wife Melinda making him the 3rd richest entrepreneur of 2021 which is of course expected from a man as intelligent as him.

Warren Buffett

Another gem is on the list this year due to his exceptional investing skills. The owner and chief magician of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet need no introduction because he is the man who changed the entire vision of investment banking and the ambition associated with successful business investments. The 91 years old guy is still young when it comes to exploring the latest investment strategies wrapped up in the market.

The best part about Buffet is not the way he earns but the way he spends. We all know how he donated millions of dollars to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation earlier and remained an active face throughout the pandemic. However, the most remarkable thing about him is his ability to accept and welcome the distribution of wealth. Though this property of his has only contributed to increasing his net worth over the years making it almost $103 billion USD at present.

Mark Zuckerberg

How can we forget the name of the biggest mogul of the tech industry who runs the social media world without any rivalry and undoubtedly has influenced millions around the world? Zuckerberg is the father of all the social media hype and of course has given some of the most widely used social media apps around the world.

This year it’s not only the dramatic alteration of the name which has given Zuckerberg recognition in the business journals but is also the net worth that has once again proved that when it’s Zuckerberg, then there is no match for any other rival.

This 37-year-old business tycoon is giving some major entrepreneurial vibes this year because we all know that the transformation of Facebook into Meta is a new way for him to demonstrate the power of his vision turning into a reality that should better be regarded as hyper-reality. With a net worth of $116 billion USD in 2021, Meta aims to take up the tech space by bringing people closer than ever.

Larry Ellison

What’s the purpose of writing a piece on successful entrepreneurs and not including Mr.Ellison in it? Gross! Right? That’s why Ellison is known in the industry because he is the kind of successful entrepreneur whose success runs deeper in the kind of technology he has brought into the virtual world.

With the onset of his management of Oracle Corporation, things have taken a very interesting turn because his past experiences in various Software companies including Microsoft have enabled the group to be one of the strongest contenders of the business world.

As if this wasn’t enough for the ever-increasing fame of Ellison, his other significant jump was the ownership of Tesla’s 35% shares which made him another important facet of the tech world.

This man dealing with databases has not only shifted his interest in HR management software and creating programs for the dominant business groups but his hindsight vision has bought Lanai island at this doorstep. The booming increment in his net worth over the years has made him enter the list of 2021’s official billionaires as the worth records $106 billion USD at the moment.

Larry Page

You saw the name and you were quick to Google it? Well, what did you find? You found a surprise and that’s obvious. Page is the other mind along with Sergey Brin who gave us this instantaneous source of wonder which we know as Google. Page enjoys his identity not only as of the creative head of Google but also as a software engineer and is also the chief leader of Alphabet Inc and PageRank corporation.

With all these creativities, it is of course no wonder that he enjoys the position of being one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world. This 48-year-old billionaire is also known for creating his own eco-house which made a major round in tabloids. All his engineering tactics have garnered him a net worth of $121 billion USD which probably would be incorporated for the next ventures of this genius.

Bernard Arnault

Guys! Please make way for a French entrepreneur to enter this list. Mr. Bernard Arnault is the leading face of LVMH Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SE. He holds an iconic appearance in the eyes of all his global fashion admirers who are in awe of the fashion aura created by LV across the world.

He not only manages to keep everything under his control till today but is continuously pacing forward to beat all the rival fashion brands by creating an LV fandom of its own kind.

The 72-year-old fashion magnate found the key to expanding his business back in the 1990s where he focussed on the exports of LV goods to the Asia Pacific and created new hubs of fashion by amalgamating local culture with the French color.

This idea populated him among the fashion critics around the globe and in no time everyone witnessed him soaring high in the skies of business where things worked in his favor and that’s why by 2021, Arnault owns a net worth of $195 billion USD and a monumental legacy of his own.

Kylie Jenner

Fashion gurus, please count yourself in because the last two members of our richest and successful entrepreneurial club belong to your tribe. Kylie Jenner holds the status of being the youngest billionaire in the world due to the dramatic standards she has established in the cosmetic industry located globally.

Many of her ventures have become successful in the past and this is one reason that she is continuously expanding her business ventures and the products under the Kylie family.

Initially, she was the head behind the glamorous of all, the most talked about the venture, Kylie Cosmetics and afterward, Kylie Skin turned out another successful venture for her because of her genius marketing strategy.

By the end of this year, this family saw Kylie Baby as another gift from her side which rests her at a mark point of billion. All these ventures are indicating that maybe she aims to take the cosmetic industry in her hands in a fortified way.

Huda Kattan

Well, another one of the famous entrepreneurs is Huda Kattan. When it comes to the glamorous world of fashion, women know well how handy it feels to have a Huda Beauty’s makeup kit to cover all the formal or casual events. So, this diva is also giving a tough time to Kylie in the world of the cosmetic industry. Through her grand venture, Huda has earned almost $590 million USD till now and the sales are increasing at a gradual yet exceptional pace.

Kattan is also known for her philanthropy because she considers it an essential part of her life and has come forward to donate openly in gulf regions. Other than this, her influencing personality over the social media sites is also considered one reason for her success according to other beauty gurus. Whatever reason is there but the fact that she enjoys the throne of one of the most iconic beauty divas is undeniable.


After finding out the ventures and worths of all these pearls of the entrepreneurial box, you must have realized that success doesn’t approach you in the blink of an eye. You have to sacrifice and of course, strategize a lot to get near to it.

Once your strategies mingle with the efforts, success embraces you conveniently. However, the best part is to make use of that success to create further heights of success so that you stand tall among your rivals when your hard work is acknowledged.



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