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A Tempting Guide On How To Start A Women’s Empowerment Business In 2021

Women empowerment is the slogan of today’s feminist circles. Women empowerment business is going equally in demand because of the nature it has.

Key Points

  • Women empowerment business deals with the idea of introducing or creating ventures which can help to empower other women in one way or the other.
  • Many women tycoons of the business world are understanding the need for such businesses and are devising measures to create unique ideas.
  • From traditional businesses, this one gets a separate pathway because it is solely laid on a grand aim of freedom first.
  • Strategy, planning, and perfect understanding are needed to become an entrepreneur serving to provide women the best through their creations.
  • Many empowerment businesses for women are highly significant today because they are not just businesses but an institute of their own catering to the needs of women who want to do something phenomenal in the business sphere.

Entrepreneurship is not only about making money and starting brands. It connects on a deeper level with humanity. As human beings, we all are blessed by the sense of empathy which makes us see the pain and suffering of others at times. Women all around the world have been exploited for the past ages and it is impossible to move forward without taking this fact into notice.

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As the world is changing its pace, mentalities are finding a new medium to understand and respond to situations. Compared to the past, the present is bright when it comes to the freedom of women because there are people who are striving hard for this cause.

Entrepreneurship And Unconventional Ideas

Entrepreneurship is a reflection of life and everything which happens in the everyday world influences business progress on a major level. This is the reason that today women’s empowerment business is standing as a big competitor of traditional business ideals whose aim is of mundane nature.

Today there are unconventional ideas that are being celebrated and embraced by the vast concept of entrepreneurship. Women empowerment business is one such idea which at first look appears a bit strange but when you dig deep into the roots, things resolve automatically on their own.

What Is Women Empowerment?

Now the biggest question which marks the mind is what is this whole concept of women empowerment and why is it too significant to be considered at all? Well, the concept of empowerment is not new in women’s journey because a number of women in the past have resisted the patriarchal norms. These are the women who enjoyed elite positions like officers, police inspectors, and businesswomen.

If this is appearing strange to you then there isn’t any need to feel so because these are actually the women who are highly empowered and are fully aware of their rights and regulations which are put by the law upon them. These are the women who can set fire in the entrepreneurial world and many of the intelligent women have already set the time shield on fire.

By empowerment, many gender experts and sociologists assert that it is the feeling of being independent and educated about the norms going on in the world. It is the act through which women enjoy their freedom and support their own selves.

However, real empowerment means finding a direction in life and setting out on the journey accordingly. It serves to find out the women in places where they actually want to be and to use their skills just the way they want without the pressure of any external resources.

The Women’s Empowerment Business

Women empowerment business is different from the traditional business setups because it requires effort coming along with a specific mission from the beginning till the very end. It is not like “any other traditional business” but talks about a specific “aim to empower”.

This is why it is mostly regarded as the one set up with the proper planning and ambition that is unshaken. A women’s empowerment business serves to empower the women of the society by initiating various kinds of business ventures which can help them grow and increase their value in society. The aim attached to this kind of business is what actually makes the process more special than ever.

Who Can Set A Women’s Empowerment Business?

Many aspiring women entrepreneurs are keen to launch products specifically concerned with women. However, their aim then differentiates them from one another.

Compared to the traditional women entrepreneurs who are more concerned about the profit and loss which makes and breaks a venture, women entrepreneurship is unique in the aspect that here the entrepreneur doesn’t deviate from the path once set despite the hurdles coming all along way.

An entrepreneur who has a mindset to change the traditional perception by introducing a new practice can really do wonders. In the field of business, many women often try a different path and serve to empower the women who are ignorant of their strengths. So, one can conclude that an entrepreneur who understands the significance of the change in a society is the one who rightly brings it by shaping up the business model that way.

Ways To Set A Women’s Entrepreneur Business?

Just like every other entrepreneurial process, the empowerment business is also time taking and is based on the time-to-time transition from zero to maximum. It is necessary to follow some basic agendas while you are planning to start a women’s empowerment business because it is the entity deciding your future.

Always Keep An Audience In Mind

Whenever you are about to start your venture, be clear about what you want to deliver and whom you should deliver. This is the basic principle of such ventures which are set for welfare. There should be a particular age group, social rank, and position which you are going to target for your venture. It helps you to brainstorm ideas and select the perfect ones for your venture.

Start With Planning

Well, time and again, it is already suggested to all entrepreneurs to maintain a fixed business plan in their minds. Without planning, it is impossible for you to move further. As a part of the women’s empowerment business, you have to think about what is the issue on which you wish to work and resolve it for women. Refined planning provides you with all the essential strategies you need for your venture.

Do The Market Research

Consider the typical example of sanitary pads. A number of times, brands who are providing such stuff start campaigns and aims to educate women about menstrual health. This factor is adopted by many leading brands and today we find innumerable brands marketing sanitary pads and other stuff associated with menstrual hygiene. So, when something becomes in excess, it no longer remains appealing.

The basis of every business lies in its uniqueness. Therefore, it is essential for you to find an issue faced by women in the current age and has been neglected by mega brands. You can adapt to any idea or product which eases up their journey. You can start by doing comprehensive market research at first and then selecting ideas according to your available resources.

Use The Marketing Strategies Wisely

In my opinion, the success of one such business depends on how efficiently you employ your marketing skills. You know that it’s the era of media and social media stands out as the first option when you are considering the modes.

So, you have to be very clear about how your business would be empowering women and why should women consider it at the very least? Answering these two questions can help you come up with some finest marketing skills where you would be easily able to do wonders by highlighting the issue and providing its solution side by side. So, good marketing is always a considerable option to tell your audience about your idea and service.

Associate With An Organization

This is also a very hot mode of empowerment business these days. Working hand to hand with an organization aimed to solve the feminine issues from a particular society can be a great experience.

This way, your goal to mark distinction in the business world with your idea can be fully achieved. Once you become familiar with the norms and agenda, you can convey that to a wider audience. This way you can convey to the clientele that using some specific products of yours can help those women who are suffering from the help of their purchases.

Top 5 Examples of Successful Women Empowerment Businesses

Yes, you read it right. As I said, the idea of empowering your clientele by using a strategy that is nice enough is really old. Yes, it’s really very old. There are certainly all-time successful businesses that are running on this modal focusing primarily on women.

Let’s just get you introduced to them.


Who thought that one day shapewear would become a household name until the idea came into the market? Well, no one but Sara Blakely had introduced this revolutionized idea. Spanx today becomes one of the most successful companies aiming to serve women by tackling their issues regarding maternity and women’s care. The brand dealing with the finest shape wears, undergarments and trendy denim is a big name serving women internationally.


Most of the women today know well about this unique fertility tracking bracelet which has won the hearts of a number of women. The idea originally envisioned by Lea Von Bidder has helped millions of women today to get awareness about their periodic cycles. This one invention is not just a product but has an ideology to make women more comfortable about the taboo often perceived in society. With AVA, new horizons of women empowerment using technology are all the way broader.

She Should Run

I am personally so fascinated by the ideology of this one. Erin Loos Cutraro is the big name behind it who has taken the responsibility of making women aware of the hidden potential they carry and are unable to express it completely in front of the world. The unique agenda of this organization calls for women who have the potential to enter into mainstream politics and start their journey by working together with some of the best leaders in the world. The CEO of the company is of the view that women do have the right to know about their aims in life and these aims cannot be achieved until and unless they don’t have equal participation within the political and social framework of the society.

Milk Stork

A number of women today are reluctant to breastfeed their children because of various psychological and physical issues. Milk Stork is a project launched to help them by Kate Torgersen. The basic aim of the company is to make mothers more comfortable by easing the issue of breastfeeding. The company supplies tons of breast milk solely for easing up situations for those who have various reservations regarding the natural process. It aims to tell its clientele that making decisions for your own self is never bad if someone supports you in your journey.

37 Angels

If there is a company that knows the power of economic freedom for women, it’s 37 Angels. This one company is a result of the hard work of 50 distinct women coming together from different fields but with a single aim. The company aims to provide all the necessary entrepreneurial training and information women want to know concerned with entrepreneurship.

The best part of the business is that, unlike other ventures, you are not required to spend thousands of bucks for the sake of investment. A little investment over here can give you a bunch of ideas to bring you forward as an entrepreneur with all the necessary training.


Women empowerment business indicates the new boundaries being drawn by the business world. It is not a topic that needs to be noted in some paragraphs but it’s a debate and an ideology that is quickly taking hold of the world. The best part is that today, women in the entire world are essentially understanding the need for empowerment through their individual experiences. This approach gives the business a more refined look and when women tend to find answers to their own issues, they lead to the creation of miracles for other women, changing the dimensions of the business world for the women.



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