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7 Supreme Personal Finance Books Everyone Needs to Read

Personal Finance Books

Money management isn’t an easier task. No matter how easy it looks, there are always some difficulties when you step into the real world. You are not only looking from the money-saving perspective but are rather dealing with a number of difficulties including the imbalance resulting from the expenditure as well as the inadvertent expenses which come all of a sudden without any perfect trace of the event.

Real Difficulty

Perhaps, the real difficulty in the field of money management is that you don’t have any fixed agenda of saving money. Without a proper model, you are unable to step in the right direction.

Every single step you take is highly influenced by your personal choices which prohibit you from saving money right at the time. We all know that the capitalist environment has sought many ways to allure the customer which are the actual enemy of our saving quest. This needs to end by following some specific pattern of growth and investment.

Literature and Finance

Literature being a reflection of our ordinary life affairs is a clear representative of many areas including finance. A number of books have been composed on this topic so that the customer of the capitalist environment could have a better idea about the world in which he is going to direct all his efforts.

Personal finance books or guides are nothing newer in the field because the consumer always finds the need of the literature that could direct them in the right direction and provide the most essential guideline of saving and investing the saved income upon the right ventures.

But, today the volume of such books has increased because of the increased interest of a number of people in the said subject. They are curious enough to find the answers to the unsaid questions. So that they can find the right path to lead all their financial matters.

The Supremacy of the 7 Personal Finance Books

At every time, some of the books are more peculiar than the other ones for these are the pieces whose supremacy keeps on ruling over the rivals. This is because of the nature of the subject that has been described in such pieces. More often the way of expression is also another factor to keep the authority of such books intact. It is because of the nature of both the subject and the expression that these books are always considered the basic requirements of understanding the particular area as a whole.

Personal finance is no exception to this rule. In this article, we have traced the pathways of finance by relating it to the most interesting and likable books of the decade that revolutionized the whole concept of money management.

Here is a list of these fantastic pieces:

  1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  2. Women & Money
  3. Psych Yourself Rich
  4. The Millionaire Mind
  5. The Total Money Makeover
  6. The Money Book For The Young
  7. You’re So Money

I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Ramit Sethi)

If you ask me to name one book that changed the entire concept of money management for me and provoked me to enter into a world where money is not just wasted but saved through patient steps, it will definitely be “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. This book is more like a friendly guideline with goals and ranks at every stop.

You don’t find a single bit of difficulty because the book clears out every single definition of the monetary word for you.

Furthermore, you find the right way to save according to your budget. There are some basic rules which you need to follow every day. I like the book, particularly for its friendly expressive style. You don’t find it difficult because much of the financial terminology is easily broken down for your interpretation.

At places, you find the potential advantage of saving at the right time. Alongside this, the book also has intelligent answers for all those who have some really stiff burning questions when it comes to perfect money management.

Women & Money (Suze Orman)

I have included this book in the list of the perfect ones because women are often considered the more extravagant of both genders. In the end, this is just another of the many stereotypes which are always spread by some misogynistic sources. However, it is equally important for them to make their places certain in the financial world and prove the assumption wrong.

This book is an attempt to answer all those queries and questions which come from the women’s side whenever the agenda revolves around financial management. There are many simple rules given for the women to follow their own path in order to gain financial success.

Several demands from the women’s side are fulfilled in this book as well as the book finds some good principles of saving through cutting off your extra expense. The best part is that women are also informed about the valid resources of investment in the business world.

Psych Yourself Rich (Farnoosh Torabi)

Coming from a financial expert, this book is a reflection of principles and ideals which take birth in your mind every time you are about to make a financial decision. This book is an important read for all because many of our decisions are most often influenced by our thoughts.

This book tells that controlling your thoughts regarding financial affairs could be an efficient way to bring ease to your life especially when the concern is related to money. It also eases up your burdens by telling you about the best forms of saving through your mentality. Furthermore, the promotion of a positive mentality for growth in life is the best part of the book.

To all the people, who don’t believe in the intervention of behavior and mental patterns towards the significant decisions of finance, this book could be important proof ensuring that the dominion of mentality is directly responsible for the control of money in the capitalist environment.

The Millionaire Mind (Thomas J. Stanley)

Can you be a millionaire if you don’t have the mentality to be one? The answer is simply no. This book is aimed to pattern your mentality in a better way to understand the significance of grand ventures. You are not only aimed to participate as another member of the capitalist society but you are rather provoked to make your own identity through the help of your own money.

The basic and advanced questions of the financial sphere are thoroughly discussed over here and the author seems to provide an easy solution for all the grand problems which hinder your path if you aim to travel in the business world with a name to remember and fame to collect.

The best part of the book is its practical examples through which you can easily apply the answers over your own life gaining a thing or two of business knowledge intellectually.

The Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey)

Thinking about the tough times is not the only heroic effort but making practical efforts to stop the unseen future is the real heroic effort. This book tells you the significance of saving not only by providing you the models of saving but gives you the guidelines of all the whys and hows you are searching for saving.

Another thing is the significance of debt payment which is extensively discussed in the book. You find the basic importance of debt payment and also sort out the ways which are considered efficient in doing so.

The Money Book For The Young (Suze Orman)

Young ones are more prone to extravagance than adult ones. As youngsters, activities are enormous, and leaving a glamorous life at the expense of earnings is not deemed a waste of time and money. Suze seems to take control of this thought pattern.

She starts by narrating the significance of saving which no one seems to understand and then provides principles of saving and their relatedness with the tough times. Along with this, the guiding principles to saving as per the income are mentioned in detail for every age group. This book is a good source if you want yourself to get accustomed to saving throughout your life.

You’re So Money (Farnoosh Torabi)

Money is a significant agent used to sustain life in the best possible manner. Every matter of life is entirely dependent on it so it is necessary that we realize this power and don’t tend to waste it whenever we come across one such chance. Torabi has taken the very same approach towards money management and tackles the advanced skills of the management by including the banking perspective as well.

She lays special attention on the investment plans which are there. One thing which I loved most about this book is the careful steps she takes while discussing that money doesn’t need to be wasted on wrong ventures which can make things go wrong.

One Unanimous Lesson

All these books highlight the significance of money which is otherwise neglected by us whenever we are about to make a choice. The purpose of these books is to enable the readers to live a balanced life where money should be considered as an agent of sustenance and a rescuer when the need comes. Spending it without even considering the far-reaching impacts is nothing but extreme foolishness that to our dismay can lead us to decay.



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