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An Extensive Guide On Sleep Procrastination in (2022)

Sleep procrastination has become a major issue in the modern world due to stiff routines and electronic rules.

Procrastination exists everywhere and in every aspect of our life. Sometimes it is apparently visible while sometimes it is too minute that you don’t even notice that you are becoming a victim of it.

In all forms, procrastination is an unaccepted behavior that needs to be avoided for good.

All that long-term procrastination is always disastrous. Therefore, scientists and experts go on giving us useful instructions that can serve as a helpful source for this purpose. Out of the major types, the sleep process has emerged to be a very common issue in today’s life.

Key Points

  • Sleep procrastination is the act of avoiding your sleep deliberately for the sake of leisure during the nighttime.
  • The Internet altered its shape into, “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination” which discusses the avoidance of sleep as a deliberate attempt to take revenge from the busy schedule of the day.
  • Sleep procrastination is of two types: Bedtime Procrastination and In-Bed Procrastination.
  • Long-term sleep procrastination can bring insomnia and hypertension to your door.
  • With a fixed routine and hiding by that strictly, you can easily manage to deal with sleep procrastination, only if your willpower is strong.

What Is Sleep Procrastination?

Now go back to the very definition of procrastination, it will be very easy for you to find the traces of sleep procrastination from over there. It is a concept that involves you and your habit of “postponing or pending” all the necessary life affairs for “sometime later”.

Sleep procrastination is another nail in the coffin that serves to kill your mental peace. It is the act of postponing your sleep or avoiding sleep deliberately for the sake of revenge from your busy schedule or daytime routine.

Yes, you must be shocked to find this. However, this is true. When procrastination takes over an individual, you become blind to the correct mental path, and sleep procrastination “seeks for the deliberate leisure in the night or within the sleeping hours so as to avoid the burden of the day and find some time to spend on one’s own self.”

This intentional habit of seeking leisure from the stiff routine isn’t supporting enough, however, individuals seek out escape through this.

Sleep Procrastination Becomes Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Most of you are familiar with the second term which calls for the” Revenge bedtime procrastination”.

This is a common term that got immense popularity due to the internet community. The community of corporate slaves got so sick with the daily life routines that they eventually wanted an escape out of it.

When they saw that there is no way out of the trap of fixed hours, they coined this term where they justify their intentional act of avoiding sleep for the sake of “revenge” from their daytime routine which doesn’t allow them to take rest or do anything which they want to do.

Another interesting thing is that a lot of people who have adopted the habit of revenge bedtime procrastination or sleep procrastination in their daily lives do not even know that they are repeating this behavior out of “revenge”.

For them, their mind makes conscious decisions and they have become adaptable to this new habit of escaping from their sleep at the main hours of the night.

This way, they feel relaxed and about 66% of people have expressed that avoiding their sleep for the sake of enjoying their personal life gives them a source to relax and that is why they want to continue this habit for the long run.

Types Of Sleep Procrastination

Recently, sleep procrastinating has emerged into two main types:

  1. Bedtime Procrastination
  2. In-Bed Procrastination

Bedtime Procrastination

Bedtime procrastination is not complex at all. It is the traditional and generally accepted belief of sleep procrastination. Here, people avoid their sleep by doing other things.

Sometimes, they can binge-watch movies or seasons for long and main hours of the night. Sometimes, they can party and after-party with their friends.

Sometimes, they can keep themselves busy with late-night shenanigans and professional tasks. All these forms are equally disturbing for the individual and leave him sleep-deprived.

This type of procrastination is considered the true form of “revenge”, where the individuals find that the schedules don’t allow them to move out of their set forth routines during the day and as they refuse to bow before that stuff routine, so they spend their night time in looking for the so-called mental peace which comes from being a night owl.

In-Bed Procrastination

Lately, this type of procrastination has become more common. This is because, all the personal electronic stuff i-e: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and iPads have taken individuals in their own charm.

As they keep on expanding their charm more and more, individuals are unable to concentrate on anything else but themselves. Therefore, people stay up all night while spending the previous hours of their sleep on social media and surfing the internet.

This comes from the idea of “obsession”.

It is better to rank the second one not as an act of revenge but rather as an act of obsession where individuals are even unable to concentrate on their own life because they are highly obsessed with the charm of social media and therefore, they don’t want to miss any single update which gets avoided by them unintentionally during the daytime. Hence, they try to balance this by keeping themselves awake at night.

Major Causes Of Sleep Procrastination

Clinically, medical experts have derived no such apparent causes of sleep procrastination, however, they rank a few psychological factors as the agents responsible for creating such mess.

  1. Overburdening
  2. Lack Of Leisure Time Due To Routine
  3. Psychological Disorders
  4. Adventure
  5. Addiction


With changing times, the responsibilities are changed drastically. Now an individual has to work for long hours and then he finds all the necessities of life.

Long office hours are not enough for some of the business-savvy minds. It is the habit of major companies as well that they burden their staff with excess work for an entire day.

It becomes logically impossible to finish up all the work in the fixed office hours. So, the rest of the work is handed over to them for home and when they come home, work doesn’t leave them.

So, they have to work till late at night which later on becomes a part of their routine in a way that they no longer mind the absence of such an essential entity of their survival from their life.

In the same way, teenagers are burdened with a number of assignments and projects and their tackling attitude is the very same as that of a general professional.

Lack Of Leisure

All work and no play turns Jack into a dull boy. All of you are well aware of this proverb. Perhaps, this falls right on the current scenario where individuals keep on dividing all their time in one professional task and the other.

There is practically no time left for them that can bring mental peace to them. So, as a human being, the demand for peace is a much-expected thing.

When they don’t find peace, they search for the hours at night where they can finally feel relaxed after a long day’s work and which they don’t want to waste for the sake of some sleep.

Psychological Disorders

Often psychological disorders like depression and anxiety hit a person so strongly that he becomes insomniac not by desire but by choice as he has nothing else to do.

Episodic depression can heighten this kind of attitude where an individual finds himself unable to sleep due to internal anxiety and stays awake mostly or takes pills for sleep.


This type of attitude is commonly present in youngsters who want to seek out adventure by staying awake and doing things that make them pleased. Initially, taken as an adventure, it no longer stays the same as they eventually become used to this routine.


Addictions are another reason for creating this issue. Whenever you start taking drugs on a regular basis, you are eventually left deprived of sleep even after trying.

This is the most intense form of sleep procrastination as you are unable to recover from it until and unless you bid farewell to drugs.

Effective Remedies For Sleep Procrastination

  1. Always set a time routine to carry out your essential tasks and mention your sleep schedule too.
  2. Always take one or two hours break throughout the day amid your break so that you don’t find yourself stuck in professionalism.
  3. Never rely on drugs for escaping from reality as they will introduce you to the worst reality after some time.
  4. Strictly follow a routine so that it, later on, becomes an innate part of your nature.
  5. Minimize the use of cell phones at nighttime and try to relax through natural remedies.
  6. Avoid maximum coffee intake during the nighttime.


Sleep procrastination is a common problem in today’s time. Every other person is a victim of this issue, but the need is to treat and identify it patiently rather than panicking over it. Set rules for your sleep and try to follow them as much as you can.

Remember! Sleep procrastination can bring you instant pleasure but in the long term, it will suck up all your energy and will prey upon you like a host. So, your safety is in your hands, and with willpower so strong, it is unlikely that you become unable to escape from it.



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