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A Powerful Guide About Kingdom Entrepreneurs In (2022)

Kingdom entrepreneurs are the ones who set an example for the next lot of entrepreneurs because of the ambition they carry.

Key Points

  • A kingdom entrepreneur is an individual who understands God’s commands and with the leadership model as presented by God in the Gospels tends to run a business venture for social welfare.
  • Such an individual is more concerned about collective growth than individual success.
  • The chief ambition of a kingdom entrepreneur is to create a legacy of his own on the basis of their professional diligence.
  • A kingdom entrepreneur wants everyone to understand the significance of God’s instructions to propagate the concept of Godliness to everyone.

Who is a Kingdom Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is indeed a huge responsibility. You are not only concerned about individual productivity, but you have to consider the effective functioning of many associated structures and have to satisfy clients. All this makes the overall purpose of entrepreneurship a grand idea, something that requires a tremendous amount of effort.

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However, sometimes some entrepreneurs think of something which is totally unique. They are not concerned about the profit which comes out of a venture but their intention is for the purpose of spreading God’s message.

Examples of Kingdom Entrepreneurship Ventures

  • Shelter homes for homeless
  • Church-based clinics
  • Christian Bookshops
  • Food corners for poor
  • Cafes for middle-class individuals 

Realization about Gospels

They know the instructions of the Gospels clearly and want to lead their life in the order as depicted there. For them, the welfare of humanity is the most important task which they have to handle. Their ventures are directed to people because of their interest in people’s welfare more than the monetary benefit.

Such entrepreneurs are considered Kingdom entrepreneurs. They are the ones who want to bring the social system of welfare for all through the initiation of their business ventures. For them, philanthropy and great ambition count a lot for starting any venture.

This is why such entrepreneurs always promote their ventures on the basis of God’s commandments of welfare and joy. Such entrepreneurs are hard to be found but with the passage of time, many mainstream entrepreneurs are changing their career paths and becoming leading kingdom entrepreneurs.

Why is the Name Kingdom so Significant?

One thing which you might have noticed with the definition of ensuring a grand venture is the term “kingdom”. This word kingdom is a metaphor that is employed for achieving a bigger goal at the end. The term Kingdom relates back to the Kingdom of Moses and the way he established a just and welfare society over there.

The idea takes its root right from there and indicates that just the way Moses ran a huge kingdom by delivering all the basic rights to its citizens and bestowing the blessings from God equally to all, a kingdom entrepreneur has the very same mission.

As a part of being in authority, a kingdom entrepreneur has direct access to all the facilities and luxuries of life but being a representative of that Kingdom which belongs to God, an entrepreneur understands his true mission. He has to manage the sacred duty which is proffered to him by God Almighty.

When an entrepreneur understands the message of spreading virtue and welfare to everyone, the entire concept of entrepreneurship finds a new kind of revival. Hence, a kingdom entrepreneur understands the importance of taking care of society by producing goods and services which can bless the ones who are underprivileged without any concern for profit or loss.

Some Common Beliefs About Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Kingdom entrepreneurs have a number of beliefs that are propagated in the business zone.

  1. They are blessed by God to deliver.
  2. They are virtuous.
  3. They are embodiments of equality and principle.
  4. They are guided by the words of God.

Blessed by God

Imagine if God grants you the willpower to become highly successful in the business world? Obviously, for many entrepreneurs, this isn’t a big thing because more or less every individual believes that all our skills come directly from God Almighty because we are not that intellectual on our own.

However, kingdom entrepreneurs believe that God bestows their skills to share the word of God and His message to those who don’t interpret it the way it needs to be interpreted.

These entrepreneurs wholeheartedly work for the cause of God because their belief in the charm of God and His Gospel is unwavering. Hence, they want to lead their lives in the way God instructs. This is why such entrepreneurs know that their ventures need to be there for the welfare of humanity amidst all the capitalist chaos.


Virtue is a rare quality today. Many entrepreneurs who are working in the business domain are apparently concerned about the monetary benefits associated with a venture. These individuals are the ones who are least concerned about morality and maintaining high standards of ethics in the business world.

One reason behind this negligence is the growing influence of capitalism. Kingdom entrepreneurs have the opposite mentality to this. They believe that maintaining individual self-respect and honor is what makes an entrepreneur stronger.

They are highly virtuous because they believe that being virtuous is the key to success. This success comes from the belief in following the standards of honesty and dignity in the business world. For them, honor and integrity are no less than a financial profit, so you won’t find them going down the wrong path for the accomplishment of their business venture.

Embodiments of Equality and Principle

The most common norm in the business world is that the most powerful individual enjoys the most power. Power comes directly from financial influence and discrimination exists between individuals on the basis of their business accomplishments.

Kingdom entrepreneurs tend to eliminate this discrimination existing in the business world because they believe in equality and hence they favor giving every individual equal and perfect opportunity to succeed. For them, injustice prevails from the disorder which takes place in the business world.

Hence for them, principle and order should be considered above everything. Many such entrepreneurs never go for favoring wrong and choosing paths upon which they have a possible indication of losing their faith. One reason behind this comes from their carefulness in following the injunctions of God and the effort of keeping the social order intact on their part.

Guidance by God

Kingdom entrepreneurs consider themselves as the humble servants of God. They believe that whatever is advised to them in the scriptures is the foundation of their ventures. The best thing about kingdom entrepreneurs is that they will rarely let their guard down because they believe that every test comes directly from God and on the path of humanity, they have to pass a lot of tests and cross innumerable burdens on the basis of the ultimate guidance which comes from God.

For them, success or failure is not the end goal but the achievement and fulfillment of the mission which is being entrusted to them by God is the most important factor of running a business. Eventually, they add themselves into the community which constitutes a part of the entire kingdom run by God.

Personality Traits of Kingdom Entrepreneurs

  1. They are full of dignity.
  2. They believe in order.
  3. They are always philanthropic.
  4. They believe in creating a legacy.
  5. Their focus is upon preaching ethical business rules.
  6. Their ventures have a social and ethical ground.
  7. They follow the Gospels and God’s path with sheer honesty.
  8. Their inclination toward community derives from the direction of the venture.


Dignity is the basic principle of living in a social community. Every individual believes to secure a social position and live a life full of honor. However, an entrepreneur is a different being from other individuals. Because of the intense criticism, they have to become patient and not lose their calm because things can’t always work the way they have planned.

A kingdom entrepreneur is one who values dignity above everything else. For those entrepreneurs who run a business on the basis of morality, dignity and honor lie before anything else. You will rarely find them getting into ventures where their dignity is at risk because they don’t compromise on principles. They have strict rules and they like to follow them without any pressure.


For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the order is a term unknown. Their ventures at the initial stages are full of serious mistakes. They don’t pay much heed to balance each and everything in the beginning. For them, it’s enough to go with the flow and establish themselves.

For kingdom entrepreneurs, the order is very significant. They have a fixed plan and they act accordingly. Their rules and regulations are divided into stages and though they take a huge time in the completion of a venture in the end they become successful in creating a venture which is able to beat many top-notch businesses.


The ambition of kingdom entrepreneurs is grand. They don’t believe in taking. They believe in giving as much as they can. They are very conscious of spending their money and investing rightly for the cause of humanity.

They believe that their philanthropy can help many of the underprivileged ones. This is why you will always find their ventures socially benefitting. They believe in giving back to society whatever society bestows to them. This nature allows them to be closer to God because they are rightly following the injunctions being given by the ultimate power.

Legacy Creation

Today very few entrepreneurs are there who are actually concerned about leaving a forever impact on the minds of customers. Most entrepreneurs work for timely causes. As soon as the profit game ends, everything shuts up and people don’t even remember the name of those businesses after some time.

This is something that is highly disliked by kingdom entrepreneurs. They are the believers who want to create a long-lasting impact on the minds of millions. This is why they are famous for creating their legacies due to various reasons associated with their social services or incidents of philanthropy.

Ethical Business Regulation

Many entrepreneurs believe that everything is fair in love and war. They start taking this quote seriously and cross every possibly existing limit which stands between the moral policies and business rules. That’s why most of the ventures today are outdated when it comes to business values.

Those who believe that God is witnessing their business struggle are the ones who even hold themselves accountable if they find a mistake of their own. This is the level of ethical policing they have. They believe in moral values and prefer employees who are bound to their duty of serving God’s creation in the most efficient manner.

Ethical Grounds

Entrepreneurs who want themselves to be the truest epitome of God’s principles are the ones who based their ventures on ethical grounds. Most of such entrepreneurs are the ones who will be working for a social cause or devising a religious venture so that they can easily preach their message of humanity and goodness to other members of the community. They believe in sharing and this is why their ventures depict their nature right from the beginning.


One trait which you will surely find in kingdom entrepreneurs is their honesty. They are very honest when it comes to abiding by the norms and fulfilling their professional commitments. You will never find them excused out of the business circle for random reasons.

They stick to the venture through thick and thin because going against the quotes of God is a big no. They believe that truthfulness and generosity can not only help them in standing at their own feet but also benefits other members of the community through the success of their venture.

Inclination towards Community

While most of the entrepreneurs are directed to offer the community a better solution, a kingdom entrepreneur fully devises the venture toward the community. For them, the community contributes more than profit or loss. They believe in preaching humanity and something worthwhile by setting an example in the form of their own venture. Once their venture becomes highly established in the society, they start preaching the precepts of their mission to the other members of the community with the intention of sharing a unanimous business agenda driven by humanistic beliefs.


Kingdom entrepreneurs are the ones who understand the message of God and get attracted to that. These are the individuals who believe in giving society back without any hope of benefit or any greed for success. For such entrepreneurs, representation of God’s instructions and standards of morality on the right kind of platform is far more important than anything else, and this is what such individuals want to represent by their actions.



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