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What makes an Entrepreneur?

What makes an Entrepreneur? Some useful tips and tricks for all the budding entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is often looked at as the future of the world because of its growing importance. From the beginning, this concept was taken as an amusing concept which enabled many to finally acknowledge their dreams and survive in the social and global competition. This approach made it one of the topmost searched concepts all around the globe.

Entrepreneurship an approach, not a degree

People became curious about the overall mechanism involved in the journey of entrepreneurship. They became keen towards finding the traits which would ensure the success within entrepreneurship. Unlike the conventional professions, entrepreneurship was not taught in the universities as some mainstream project but it was an attempt of resistance against the corporate culture.

Recognition of Entrepreneurship as a concept

An average human who was always being taught the traditional concepts at academic places and was then trained for being just another of the money individuals who suppress their dreams found it enchanting enough. They started dreaming of setting themselves as the next big business representatives of business in the world. The journey seemed tough, even herculean because of the lack of knowledge but it was never a task considered impossible.

Individual Approach

It was something that came out of the individual approach rather than the academic one. The quest to become a successful entrepreneur was not an emotion that was immersed out of the global competition but it was a passion to challenge the norms and stand with something unique of one’s own.

Entrepreneurship with the progress of the time became more common because people started interpreting the pivotal role of one’s individual success in the world. More and more people tended to take the entrepreneurship flag in their hands and wanted to successfully proclaim their rule in the world. However, success became the fate of only a handful.

Some Questions

So, what were those miraculous charms which enabled many to get successful in a world that was new to them? Why did their success stories become an example for future entrepreneurs? What was there which made them special from the rest of their tribe? Why did they want to go the way that was overlooked by the rest and the most important question of the time is what actually made them an entrepreneur, the one with a success story to tell others?

These questions are not some random questions but they are rather the complex queries that arise in the minds of every single entrepreneur. The entrepreneur who aims for the sky but is still lost in the tribulations of the earth. Many such hard-working entrepreneurs tend to raise these kinds of questions to quench their curiosity’s thirst.

Sorting an answer

This article is an attempt from our side to describe the traits of a successful entrepreneur. It will help you understand the basic difference between you and those who are the people like you but still have the special factor hidden in them. Together, we are going to explore the traits present in them which have made them the kings of the entrepreneurial world.

So, let’s take a look at their alluring traits which help them strengthen their ground as a successful entrepreneur.

  • An entrepreneur is always passionate about the ventures from the very beginning
  • An entrepreneur always works with a specific vision in mind
  • They are courageous enough to take and make the risks worthy
  • Hard work is the key for an entrepreneur
  • Cooperation is what they have in their nature
  • They know the significance of punctuality within their lives
  • Wisdom and caution is what they keep in hindsight
  • They learn from their experiences and value the importance of experiences
  • Confidence is their golden rule


It is believed that in order to get something big, you need to be enthusiastic enough to attain it. Many of us dream about a lot of things but have we ever wondered that we do not actually do anything practical to achieve them. This is because as time grows we forget the significance of our passion in our lives and just become victims of trivial routines.

However, an entrepreneur is quite different from all of us in the belief that he is zealous.

A true entrepreneur knows that passion is always needed to change the circumstances around them. They know that it is due to their enthusiasm that they are ultimately going to bring the sky on their own feet. Regardless of what others think about them, they have set their approaches clearly and they work on it without getting influenced by anyone else.

This rule does not only work for entrepreneurship solely, but it is the general principle of life. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is known as CR7 today reached this position merely on the basis of his passion. Bill Gates was passionate enough to give this world a technology that lived for the next century, so Microsoft appeared before us. So, passion is the prime factor that makes a person a true entrepreneur.

Those who are not passionate about their projects can never do orders in the business world.

This is because this world is harsh, it welcomes those who value their enthusiasm and never bend to any kind of pressure no matter how hard the circumstances turn for them. They know that once they are going to be serious regarding their project, the world is going to come forward and take a look at their project itself. Hence they never let go of the passion in them because this is what makes an ordinary individual a successful entrepreneur at the end of the day.

So, once you learn the lesson of passion, mark the fact that you are never going to be defeated by the big fish in the market.


Have you ever worked on a project where you were not even sure about its usefulness at the end? Were you aware of the fact that your project may or may not be advantageous for the public in the end? You knew what it actually meant to you to be a part of one such project? Maybe you were not.

The biggest problem with us today is that most of us work in order to support our expenses.

We look for the short-term benefits a specific project is going to provide us rather than dwelling on the long-term benefits associated with it. As a corporate slave, we all have encountered times when we actually did not want to work but we still had to work because of our monetary issues.

The issue for the ordinary

This means that whenever we were working on a project, no matter how hard we worked from our side, it still lacked one thing and that was the real vision behind being a part of that project. This is the biggest problem with many of us today that we actually lack the vision to turn our dreams into a reality.

There are some who still try to turn their dreams into an existing fact but still at the end of the day, they lack the sense of vision behind it. A number of times, this happens that they are not even actually aware of the fact that what is it that they want through starting a specific business. They do not know the real purpose behind a business except they want the tags of entrepreneurs along with their names.


This kind of mentality is truly dangerous for the success of any business. This is because it may turn you into an entrepreneur on the apparent side but deep down you will still be lacking the true connotation behind it. You won’t be even familiar with the way entrepreneurship works so in the end failure is what you will collect.

You must have noticed that many of the companies whenever enter the entrepreneurial world, enter with a specific vision.

They share the idea of their business with their clientele on their websites a number of times. The idea behind this is to share among others what kind of actual change one can expect from a specific business. They share how different their idea of business is as compared to the other rivals of the town.

This is what makes people an entrepreneur because they know the idea behind their business. They are well aware of the change they can bring with the help of their company and how it will not only alter their lives but the lives of those who are connected with their business in one way or the other.


Are you courageous enough to rebel against your routine and find the true purpose of your existence in this world? Do you have the courage to make decisions that might look surprising to others but are perfectly okay for you? Do you have the guts to follow your goal other than being an ordinary jobseeker?

The purpose of asking these questions is to make sure that you can take these kinds of steps in your professional life just to enter into the entrepreneurial world. If your answer was a yes to all of these questions, then you definitely carry the germs of being a true entrepreneur within you.

Many of us suppress what we actually want just to make ourselves content with what we have in our hands at the moment.

Though, it seems a bit unjust towards our personal goals but is regarded fine as long as it makes our families happy with us and maintains our reputation within the social world.

However, for an entrepreneur, reputation is not something that comes from being an obedient slave. It comes from the courage to claim freedom. This is common to all of the entrepreneurs that they simply break themselves off from the routine in order to chase the pursuit they have in mind

Once an entrepreneur enters into the business world, it is not just the courage of being an independent business owner but an entrepreneur as an owner has to take tough decisions in order to maintain the integrity of his company.

This strength of taking hard decisions comes from the internal courage possessed by an entrepreneur. This is why not everyone can be an entrepreneur because the courage to stand by the decisions you take in the professional field is an attribute found in some not all.

Hard work

You all must have heard the saying that, “Hard work is the key to success.” This rule applies primarily within the business world. Once you have made up your mind in order to be a successful entrepreneur among your competitors, you must learn that it is only going to become possible through your own hard work.

Effort: Spirit of Entrepreneurship

There is no shortcut to success, so you have to earn it with your own efforts. You can never expect that someone else works for your cause and you get the credit in your account. This is strictly against the spirit of entrepreneurship.

As a sane entrepreneur, you learn that the harder you work to turn your cause into a reality and make your business idea an acclaimed one, the faster you will find the results getting in your favor.

So, what you need to learn is that hard work is going to be a key factor in the growth of your business and you can never expect your triumph in this burdensome world if you have never worked hard enough to claim your success rightly in its full spirit.


You must have noticed that when two people work together, the workload gets easier and better only if the two people are fully cooperative towards each other or else the work turns into a great disaster. This principle works in the same way in entrepreneurship. Here if you want to get at the top of the ladder, you need to be cooperative enough towards your team so that they understand you and you understand them fully.

Many of the young entrepreneurs often believe in managing everything individually.

Hence they are very critical of everyone else who tends to correct them or tries to offer their assistance. You need to learn that, this is a self-destructive sort of behavior for the growth of your business which is eventually going to create lasting impacts on your identity as an entrepreneur too.

The reason behind this is the fact that a person who is not cooperative enough to hear or respect someone else’s opinion can never stay in the business for a very long time. Here, the situations alter every passing moment. You find versatility in the approaches of people regarding your business.

Some are going to like your business idea and are going to appreciate you, while others might not like it a lot. So, when you are not cooperative and welcoming to the constructive criticism that is aimed towards you, your business will get influenced negatively because of your take on the ideas and opinions.

This is why the biggest companies who are ruling the business world are perceived to be too cooperative in their attempt to understand the suggestions of the clientele in general.

They are welcoming and very polite towards constructive criticism because they know that when they are going to learn from their potential clients it is going to turn positive for the growth of their business.

So, learn to cooperate because it is going to make you or break you in the entrepreneurial world.


It is said that a punctual person can do wonders in the world simply because of being on time. Unfortunately, this attribute is becoming rare in many of us today because of the list of the chores we add to our checklist every single day. However, once you aim to be an entrepreneur, you need to know that you have to let some extra chores out of the checklist and have to save them for some other time.

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn that for everything you need to do for the growth of your business, punctuality will be needed.

You cannot be careless towards setting up your plans for the future because they are too important to be completed right on time. Amending your plans is not the right thing because of the lack of time. This will portray a very negative influence of yours in front of your team members as well as the clientele.

So, learn to be on time so that you get to the moment of your success even before the time you have anticipated.

Wisdom & Caution

Many of the biggest entrepreneurs of the world are sitting at the throne of success today because of only two reasons. One is the wisdom they depict while taking decisions and the other is the caution they maintain while making those decisions. In the business world, you always have to make a number of decisions of variable nature.

You can never expect all of them to be positive or negative. Situations vary and with varying situations comes the responsibility to bear the burden of changing times. The best entrepreneur is the one who understands the sensitivity of every single situation and acts accordingly.

You need to learn that as an entrepreneur a wise decision taken at the right time can save you from many tribulations of the future.

A stitch in time always saves nine. This is the mindset of the business world. As an entrepreneur, you will encounter times where a bit of loss will be more fruitful to you than the timely profit you would be wanting to secure.

So, add wisdom and caution to your checklist to ensure that you never take any decision too quickly which is dependent on your emotions. This is because in the business world things work on the basis of your mind.

Experienced Learning

It is believed that experiences are undoubtedly the biggest teacher for an individual. Every experience either good or bad at the end serves to teach individual unforgettable lessons about life and many other things. As a newbie, an entrepreneur finds a number of difficulties on the way. It is the will to learn from these difficulties which turn an ordinary entrepreneur into a great one.

At the beginning of your journey, accept the fact that you are going to learn a number of things. Some will be there, you might abhor, some will be in your favor but the most important thing is that you must remember that none of this is permanent. Whatever you are experiencing, try to analyze that with respect to your response. If your response was what escalated the situation, learn to avoid the situation for the next time.

Once you learn the significance of experiences in shaping up your personality as an entrepreneur, you will be able to respond to every single situation on the basis of your practical knowledge regarding them.


Have you ever seen the culprits who sometimes deceive the law-abiding agencies because of their confidence while they lie? This is true that confidence actually has a strange yet charismatic power that even the most renowned personalities find themselves falling in knees before the one who has it. The same is the case with entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, one of the prime things you need to learn is to boost up your confidence.

If you are confident regarding your business idea, you are eventually going to make it come into the limelight because of our power to portray it in front of your potential clients. An entrepreneur who believes that he can take criticism or questions about his business idea confidently just to reach the destination of success is already halfway there.

Though confidence is a necessary trait, yet there is a fine line between a person who is confident and someone who is overconfident. So, what you need to do as an entrepreneur is to become justifiable in terms of what you say. Say as much as is required but never boast about your skills because this will act as venom for your growth in the business world.

A Fine Conclusion

If you want to be an entrepreneur there is no shorter way, but this list is what actually defines your worth in the entrepreneurial world. There is no potion or charm which makes an entrepreneur an acknowledged one. However, it is the self-confidence, passion, and hard work along with these aforementioned traits which act as a decisive power for a business as well as its owner’s success.



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