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10 Powerful Lessons The Now Habit Taught Us All (2021)

The Now Habit is a renowned book by Neil Fiore in 1988. It is based on strategies that help us to deal with procrastination practically.

Procrastination has become a common issue of concern for every single individual these days. A number of people often credit their habits of laziness with it.

For all of us, procrastination is the major enemy in the way of individual progress. Most of us try to avoid important tasks and habits just because we don’t have the “heart to do”.

Originating from our individual tiredness and frustration, procrastination takes up our entire energy to remain active and process forward in life. So, a weapon to end its reign is needed for sure.

What good can be there except “The Now Habit” which has become the apple of individuals’ eyes over the past years of its publication and is still changing millions of lives every day because of its easy-to-use and practical methodologies to remove procrastination completely from our lives.


  • The Now Habit is a self-help book on the subject of procrastination and was written by Neil Fiore in 1988.
  • It provides essential answers which people have regarding procrastination.
  • The overall summary says that each and every single habit of us is the result of our own actions. Amending the actions in the positive direction can eliminate procrastination forever from our lives.

Introduction Of The Now Habit

Published in 1988, by renowned writer and psychological expert Neil Fiore, this book is considered one of the all-time favorite books based on the sensitive issue of self-help.

Because of its unique way of expression, the book has been translated into 11 different languages. This book has been picked up by many renowned stars, business personalities, and global celebrities as the favorite one.

The best part is that the book has an intelligent take on all the questions put forth by people regarding procrastination. It not only provides effective strategies but also traces its origin and the causes of its promotion among the public at such a wider level.

It not only tells you the methods through which you can avoid procrastination but it answers the most essential question of “why we all procrastinate a lot”. This is absolutely the best part about it.

Ten Effective Lessons From The Now Habit

This book is not only known for providing strategies that can be used in the long term but have also provided us with some great life lessons which are worthy of consideration as the absolute best ones. These remarkable ten lessons are reminisced by us in this article hereby,

  1. Procrastination is a coping mechanism from our own internal depression and anxiety.
  2. Procrastination enhances internal fears.
  3. Goal setting can help us to escape from procrastination.
  4. Positivity is a habit that becomes a must for all.
  5. There can be certain ways to tackle a single problem without worrying enough.
  6. Working on emotional well-being can be an effective start to end procrastination.
  7. Making a routine isn’t a big achievement but following it is indeed one.
  8. Learning the art of dealing with the unexpected is the real win.
  9. Insecurities need not devour our mental peace.
  10. Motivation comes from you, not from the validation of others.

Lesson #1

“Procrastination is a coping mechanism from our own internal depression and anxiety.”

The most common question asked by many in the field is why do we procrastinate? What is the reason for our apparent procrastination which kills our skills deep down?

So, Neil provides you an extensive answer over it. Procrastination isn’t an act that comes unexpectedly out of nowhere. It is us who compel the procrastination habits to take over our lives and then start devouring us from inside slowly and gradually.

Depression is so common these days. The professional tensions and the anxiety of being the most perfect in town not only start rusting our internal skills but it makes us worried about the uncertain future.

We are unable to find ourselves at the second-best. Hence, we start running away from that uncertainty and this is how procrastination takes hold of us as we start escaping from reality and back away from midway just to minimize the worry of being attacked by the cruel future.

Lesson #2

“Procrastination enhances internal fears.”

If you are running away from the practical field because you think that the future is uncertain and there is a danger of getting pushed away by time and that’s why procrastination could save you from future threats.

Then, you are half right and half wrong. It is true that no one has seen the future and that is why our fears continuously double up. However, running from the future and practically doing nothing to control some of the parts is sheer foolishness.

If you think it can save you then it can’t but you must have noticed that as much as you avoid a certain thing happening, your fear builds up more and more. So, procrastination is no way to save you from the attacks of the future but furthers your emotional stress and fear.

Lesson #3

“Goal setting can help us to escape from procrastination.”

Do you really want to escape from the uncertain future? So why not start taking some real steps for this?

Yes, you must be wondering about the real steps. These steps include some fixed goals for you that can help you identify your own position and can also mark the distance of your final destination.

You must have seen the success stories of the richest people in the world. They are not thinkers but doers. They have already fixed their specific goals whenever they enter into any specific battleground.

They don’t make haste but take it one step at a time. This attitude helps them to meet their individual goals one by one and they get success in the end.

Leason #4

“Positivity is a habit which becomes a must for all.”

Have you ever noticed that when you are positive about a certain thing in life, you are more likely to achieve it than being fearful and uncertain?

Positivity has a strange power. It attracts success immediately towards you. People who are positive about life are more likely to succeed because they know that there is always a way out of every difficulty.

This mentality makes them come out of the hardest storms because they have the strength to deal with the tests as they never get defeated due to their everlasting looking life.

Lesson #5

“There can be certain ways to tackle a single problem without worrying enough.”

What we people have is a limited approach towards a problem. We don’t consider the number of possibilities that might be present but we have one fixed idea and we work according to it.

When that doesn’t work. We panic. This attitude is wrong. A single problem has many alternatives if and only if we are unable to see the other sides.

So, never look at a problem from one unanimous vision but keep all the possible solutions in front of you. This way you will be able to tackle all the problems easily.

Lesson #6

“Working on emotional well-being can be an effective start to end procrastination.”

One can never be able to deal with the problems of life if one is not strong enough emotionally. Emotional well-being has much to do with the mindset.

If your mind is a well of thoughts and there are tornadoes of tensions storming around every second, technically, you can do nothing in life.

So, prepare your mind to face every difficulty with a single smile without fretting too much because every problem in life has a solution only if we have the intellectual eyes to see that.

Lesson #7

“Making a routine isn’t a big achievement but following it is indeed one.”

Many of us often make a fixed routine but then we are unable to stick to it because we have different problems.

This is very wrong. First, if you’re making a routine then you are automatically making yourself obliged to some rules and regulations. If you are not following them, then you are not a punctual person and things can even turn worse because of your ignorance towards the importance of your own personal routine.

This is why the biggest names in the world of success are always bound to order and they never get out of their set limits.

Lesson #8

“Learning the art of dealing with the unexpected is the real win.”

Life is unexpected. Anything can happen within a blink of an eye. So, contemplating upon the unexpected future and not trying to do anything is sheer madness.

You need to prepare yourself for the unexpected. There can be a lot that can happen in the future. You also know that whatever happens, some would be good and some would be equally bad.

So, why not prepare your mind to accept the bad from the beginning and make it strong enough to think of a solution and stand up again rather than crying and escaping?

Lesson #9

“Insecurities need not devour our mental peace.”

All of us have a bad side in our personalities. This never means that we are entirely bad. If there is something that we haven’t gotten, then there must be certain things that we have gotten before anyone else.

This means that good and bad are always balanced in nature. There should be control in our personalities so that we are able to accept our insecurities and work for something better in the future.

Lesson #10

“Motivation comes from you, not from validation from others.”

You are the best version of yourself. This is the only lens through which you need to see yourself. If someone belittles you, don’t pay heed to that because they don’t know you as well as you know yourself.

So, if you are belittling yourself on the instructions or comments of some indirect source, it means you don’t respect your own self.

Start respecting and motivating your individual self and believe that you are able to achieve everything you aim for. When you will define yourself in this definition, others will start holding up that belief for you as well.


The Now Habit is not just a book but is a source of inspiration for all who have doubts about their potential. Neil Fiore teaches us that everything that we experience is a product of our own thoughts. So, if we start producing positivity in ourselves, things will automatically shift from procrastination to proactiveness.



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