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Top 10 Fascinating Personal Finance Podcasts; We Are Totally Obsessive About in 2021

Personal finance podcasts have grown widely popular ever since personal finance literacy made its place in the financial town and their listeners are enormous.

Personal finance management never gained the much-needed acclaim right until the entrepreneurship concept jumped into the financial world. When people found an alluring concept to invest in, they started focussing upon the sources which could help them find genuine sources in the financial town.


  • Personal finance podcasts are active information-sharing sources over podcasts streaming sites.
  • Most of the personal finance podcasts are about saving, investing, and staying away from debt as much as you can.
  • Dave Ramsey comes at the top of the list among all other personal finance podcasts because of his realistic ideals about the financial market.
  • Many of the personal finance podcasts are reliable sources of getting word of mouth directly from the experts who help the audience reply to their basic comments and questions.

Personal Finance Management and Quest for Genuine Sources

Innumerable sources are there today providing hundreds and hundreds of blog posts, videos, guidelines, and instructions about safety management. The real struggle is to locate the genuine and trusted ones out of the countless available resources.

It is a definite factor that not every single resource could offer you the best information straight from the business town. The search for an authentic word of mouth remains the biggest hindrance for many financial learners today. 

However, there is one assurance we can provide you. That is about the most authentic word of mouth you would directly be receiving from the mouths of financial experts. How’s it?

Personal Finance Podcasts

The podcasts era seems so strengthened. Hundreds of podcasts are available online and on the Apple podcasts app where you find the quick and accurate solution to all your finance-related problems. Wondering how it is possible? Let me clear you. All you need to do is to press one single button, write your area of interest and find the most genuine podcasts about financial affairs. Now again there is an upper edge and some stand at the bottom in terms of the information they share. Today, we are going to share the ten most significant podcasts in this article that have made their name in terms of authenticity.

Top 10 Finest Podcasts

Hereby, is a list of the ten champions of the vocal world where experts solve your finance-related queries regularly in episodic basics and help you make important financial decisions of your life. So, let’s have a quick look.

  • The Ramsey Show
  • So Money With Farnoosh Torabi
  • Planet Money
  • BiggerPockets Money Podcast
  • Journey To Launch
  • The Clever Girls Know Podcast
  • Couple Money Podcast
  • The Personal Finance Podcast
  • ChooseFI
  • Optimal Finance Daily

The Ramsey Show

Are you curious about the financial world or do you want to take expert advice? Forget it seems like you fret a lot about your saving issues. There is no need of sorting out the “expert” for each one of these issues separately.

All are here at “ The Ramsey Show”. Listed among the top 5 most listened podcasts, the host Dave Ramsey takes a humor outtake on your financial issues and a number of guest experts and financial analysts answer your questions for your ease. 

The show has gained excessive success because of its credible suggestions according to the various age groups. You can listen to this podcast on a number of podcast streaming applications. 

However, the “Ramsey Network” serves as your uptime rescuer if you want to know everything about finance and personal finance management in one single place.

So Money With Farnoosh Torabi 

Who doesn’t know Farnoosh Torabi? If you are a financial student, you must have come across her best-selling books and a number of her financial articles. To her credit, she has many awards and is accepted as the most expert financial analyst and adviser. 

Torabi helps you identify your skills and potential regarding financial matters. She gives some big-time financial and sound investment lessons. The best part of her show is the answering session during which she answers your queries.

 Along with that she gives you the future or retirement plans analysis as well as estimating the most suitable kind of plan regarding your age and tenure of job.

Planet Money

Want to know everything about finance without getting bored even for an instant? Tune into NPR’s most listened “Planet Money” podcast. Hosted by Robert Smith, the podcast is peculiar to other competitors because of its humorous take on serious financial matters. 

This podcast applies storytelling tactics that help you get an unforgettable lesson about financial matters. Other than that, successful financial stories are a must over here. 

Plus as the cherry on the top of the cake, you find about all the global financial issues right within the podcast. I love the way they start explaining the financial motives using daily life examples and in an extremely humorous shape.

BiggerPockets Money Podcast

This one is for all the money makers. You definitely want to earn more and save a lot in order to secure your future. This issue gets resolved rightly over here. Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen both are pros in the financial world. 

Both of them are known for providing the finest financial tips for personal growth. Did I mention that if you are stuck up in the never-ending dilemma of debt, this podcast tells you the right steps to do the perfect kind of effort and step out of that?

The best part about the podcast is that it takes your personal questions quite often and answers all the financial queries. 

This podcast is ideal for the youngsters or teenagers who wonder about the art of saving and are double-minded about investing the saved money after much effort.

Journey To Launch

Want to attain success in your financial life by putting in a little effort and a lot of patience? Jamila Souffrant sorts out your financial problems with the help of her expertise in the field. 

This podcast is peculiarly appreciative in terms of its effective dealing with debt issues. Once you find the right way to bid farewell to the never-ending debt, the podcast has some interesting life lessons for impressive saving for you afterward. 

Besides, here you find the exact time and moment of making a reliable investment based on the suitable interest rate as per Jamila.

The Clever Girls Know Podcast

Women empowerment has always remained a major concern for all. As the world is developing, women are becoming aware of their own rights and one of them is financial rights. 

This podcast is exclusively dedicated to all such women who stand before the world and want to attain financial independence. This podcast tells you the right way to save your money and invest them in advantageous ventures at the end. 

Besides, it processes effective lessons of self-dependence as well as saving. The effective mode of conversation over here is the narration of success stories of the acclaimed ones along with some frequent financial tips of importance.

Couple Money Podcast

Newly married couples or partners have a lot of expectations from each other as together they dream of creating a world of their own little by little. However, when reality strikes them hard, many of them eventually think of giving up their dreams and starting their life as per the trivial pattern.

This podcast gets you a solution for this. Ellie Martinez is a very sweet host who actively takes you into the depth of the couples’ finances and how and what portion should be saved each and every single month.

She further tells you about the significance of a joint account and the perfect fashion for its operation. So, couples! Hear up yourselves because this one is your ultimate rescuer.

The Personal Finance Podcast

Are you new to the personal finance world? You must be wondering about the ways this secret could be revealed. 

Well, let me break this down to you that there is this one podcast that provides you complete information on any topic of personal finance ranging from the basic saving tenets to the advanced investment problems.

Everything is easily handled by Andrew Giancola who tells you about advanced-level business strategies that make your investments secure. You also find the perfect retirement plans exclusively based on the age groups and also the saving strategies concerning them.


You want to make yourself secure from the continuous headache of the future, you better go and choose ChooseFI. This financial podcast tells you about the mechanics of financial independence. 

You find saving tips from time to time along with the investments’ hacks. The best part over here is that here you are not suggested to cut down all your needs but the basics of balancing are offered to you in a friendly manner which you can easily adopt. 

Besides, you find the details about debts and the ways which are used to reduce them or in most cases avoid them as the first choice at all.

Optimal Finance Daily

This podcast is made for the learners of the financial world who want to learn something new every single day. The daily updates are told with full authority and the perfect kind of advice is offered to save on time.

The latest finance news along with trends are quite efficiently explained in the podcast. This one has special significance with the saving agenda. It helps you to maintain your finances in balance by providing you with some workable saving strategies on the basis of their divisions as per the salary level and age group.


Personal finance podcasts are highly useful if you spend most of your time listening to various other podcasts and have an interest in the exploration of the financial world. Once you are fully aware of the financial sphere, the advanced suggestions on various podcasts shows could also be put to practical application to check their effectiveness.



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