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Top 10 Fascinating Traits of INTP Entrepreneurs

INTP entrepreneurs are the latest breed of entrepreneurs who aim to take the business world in the grip of their thinking patterns.

Key Points

  • INTP entrepreneurs are the ones who prefer thinking analytically. They have an introverted nature due to which all of their success depends on the way they create solutions to several existing problems.
  • INTPs are least bothered about the progress happening in the business world. They approach the business world at their own pace and internet it according to their set rules.
  • There are several myths that circulate in business circles because of the rare type of personality they have.
  • INTPs are excellent problem solvers because they are very careful when it comes to solving a real-life problem, their dynamic thought process helps their venture to be balanced with the market trends.

Who are INTP Entrepreneurs?

A lot of you might be confused about this complex term that defines the breed of creative minds. The term INTP refers to the qualities which exist in some individuals on the basis of which they want to succeed.

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INTP stands for Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving. For a moment you all must be surprised to see so many qualities found in one single individual. So, let me kill your curiosity for you. Such kinds of entrepreneurs really exist who have an exceptional thinking style and these individuals are different when it comes to adopting a particular approach in the professional world.

The INTP entrepreneurs can be classified as the Einstein of the business world because their excellent business skills and the power of perception enable them to become successful in the long run though there are some myths attached to INTPs still these chaps are very creative when it comes to deriving a solution.

Myths Attached With INTPs

When it comes to the business circles, a lot of myths circulate and make it difficult for the creative lot to progress to their estimated mark. Let’s find out the most common myths attached to INTPs.

  • INTPs cannot hold the executive positions

Since an executive has to look after a number of things. The field out there is very challenging for him as compared to an ordinary individual, therefore, it is very difficult for them to do any actual effort in making the venture successful because of his introverted nature. Their nature prevents them from making any progress.


The truth is INTPs might be introverts but when it comes to the welfare of their venture, they have a totally new personality. You will no longer find them striving hard to say a word but they will be commanding teams to run their businesses effectively on the basis of their creative power.

  • INTPs are only concerned about the creation

Because many of the INTPs are the individuals who have earlier created a venture on the basis of their ideas, therefore, the role of a creator suits them best. They can never be an effective manager due to the lack of interest and expertise.


INTPs are very efficient managers. In fact, many of the leading business organizations especially hire INTPs to manage their business. The idea behind this belief lies in the creative power that allows them to do wonders just by commanding the subservient.

  • INTPs are mean

Since they are lone wolves who never prefer to hang out with their fronts and look for any recreational sources, hence, they are conventionally rude. They are more to deny the offers of socializing and sharing their opinions with others because of their self-obsessed nature.


INTPs are introverts who don’t like socializing a lot. Every individual has a personality type. It is their personality that they feel uncomfortable in the presence of others which is why they are often mistaken for being rude. Though they are not rude at all, their friends are rare who are very close to them and they are the few ones who know the real face of an INTP.

  • INTPs work for themselves

Unlike a typical entrepreneur whose aim is to change the thinking pattern of society by adding anything valuable, INTPs have no such aim. They work only for themselves because they are only concerned about quenching their thirst for creativity and they pay no heed to what the social demand expects them to create.


Just like every other entrepreneur, INTPs are also concerned about playing their part in the welfare of society with the help of their creations. The only difference exists in the way of expression. They are weak at expressing it in front of others because they don’t consider it essential to break it into the business circles and capture all the limelight.

  • INTPs waste money

Many entrepreneurs use analytical reasoning for deriving solutions. This always puts them in the risky zone. Sometimes they become successful to obtain the result they want but mostly they fail miserably and this not only becomes disastrous for their professional reputation but all the investment on the idea goes straight down the drain. Therefore, much of what they do is nothing except waste money.


Entrepreneurship is always the name of risk. There is always a chance of failing in your entrepreneurial venture no matter how many precautionary measures you adopt. Hence, assuming that a specific breed of entrepreneurs is the reason behind failure is stupid. They don’t waste money but their experiences help them to correct themselves wherever they are committing foolish mistakes.

Top 10 Traits of INTP Entrepreneurs

INTP entrepreneurs reflect some of the distinguishing traits which help the business gurus to allocate them a specific place in the course of business.

  1. They rely on their thinking.
  2. They are problem solvers.
  3. They look for immediate measures.
  4. They are concerned about productivity.
  5. They take a lot of time when they come up with a practical venture.
  6. They are least concerned about business competition.
  7. Their thinking is dynamic.
  8. They are always tending to bring something new.
  9. They are introverts.
  10. They do not like taking suggestions.

Reliance on Thoughts

Remember! When we were children, our parents used to forbid us from daydreaming because they believed that it hinders our creativity. However, INTPs are a rare breed. They are artists of the business domain. They believe that their thinking pattern allows them to create whatever they want to create.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, they are the ones who only trust their thoughts and daydreams about innovation. All of their innovations are dependent on the way they approach a particular problem. Before proceeding, their thoughts allow them to categorize everything in its positive and negative essence and this creates the foundation of their venture.

Problem Solvers

Let the problem-solvers come forward. The INTPs are problem solvers in every way because they know that they have the power to do so. Their thinking ability is their strongest point and this is what makes them believe in their strengths.

You give a problem to an INTP and assign them a fixed deadline, you would be finding the solution of that problem right before the deadline because of their high intellectual ability to construct the solution of most unique problems. This is why today the world has Google for the answer to every question because the two INTPs behind it felt the need to devise a solution that can benefit millions.

Representatives of Immediate Measures

Procrastination is the enemy of many entrepreneurs which obstructs their path right in the middle of a venture and puts a dot on their creative block due to which they are unable to derive the solution of any problem. However, INTPs don’t face such creative blocks, fortunately.

They are the ones who are highly fond of coming up with immediate measures and moving on with the next problem. This is why they don’t spend quite a lot of time devising solutions to one single issue but come up with multiple solutions in no time due to their fabulous intellect.


For INTPs productivity is the vital ingredient. They want to produce as much as they can. This is why most of their ideas are brilliant and tackle real-life problems in the most unique way. They are extreme supporters of productivity. They know that productivity can be enhanced with the help of creative thinking, so they adopt the same strategies.

We will be finding them with something new every now and then. This explains why most of the tech companies employ INTPs because they believe that their creative power can be a good addition to the company’s splendid name as they are the curators and moderators of every new feature which gets introduced before the world.

Time Takers

Now we come to the trait which holds the myth of them not establishing their business successfully. Every good idea needs a lot of time for its implementation but for INTPs, it takes more than a lot of time. They approach their venture slowly after analyzing the possible outcome at each and every point.

This becomes a negative trait right when a lot of time is being spent on the completion of a single small-scale venture but the idea which forms the basis is one unique one. Once they launch a particular business, they become very smart and the time for creativity doubles up. Though the community, later on, comes to terms with them because they start believing that great things do take time to complete.

No Trace of Competition

The business world is a world of continuous competition. Here, everyone tends to beat the rival because everyone wants to reign over the business sphere. However, you won’t find this trait in INTPs. Their calm nature keeps them away from such chaos. They are only concerned about what they want to create. This is why most of their attention is dedicated to the nature of the problem they are solving. They have no idea about the rivalry because to them, their fight is only with the continuous ideas battling in their minds.

Dynamic Thinking

Our thoughts need to be flexible because a single thread of thoughts cannot last long. INTPs believe this and this is why the nature of their solutions is dynamic. They provide a number of solutions every time you will be interacting with them.

Every new idea talks about something unique. This is why many INTPs are gaining success in the entrepreneurial world because many of them are entering the business domain with very flexible ideas which vary according to certain social demographics.

Striving for Innovation

Who says a revolution cannot be brought on the basis of mere thoughts? At least, INTPs don’t believe this. Their thoughts mean a lot to them and this is why they know that they can do wonders with the help of their creative power.

Every single thought which they bring forward in the business world is unique and totally independent of the previous one. They want to bring something new to the market and this innovation is revealed from the way they put their thoughts on paper in the form of concrete ideas. Their innovative nature is directly dependent on the way their thought processes work to bring the solution of an existing or a new issue.

Introverted Nature

Who says every entrepreneur has great communication skills and this paves way for their success. Some entrepreneurs have that element missing from their nature. They are lone wolves and this becomes the reason for their success in the business world. Hard to believe it? Yet it’s true because INTPs are the same breed that is highly introverted in nature.

They prefer staying alone and coming up with the solution to various problems as compared to establishing long lasting networks. The best thing is that their thinking abilities compensate for their bad communication skills and they become highly successful in the business sphere due to the efficient strategies which they adopt to succeed.

Not an Affinity Toward Suggestions

You would laugh at this trait but we have to be honest and the demand of honesty is to describe every single thing without keeping a thing a secret. We know most of the entrepreneurs among you would be dying to get one good opportunity to express your opinions in front of the leading entrepreneurs.

Most of the entrepreneurs want to be corrected by experienced ones because they believe that this will help them to establish their careers strongly in the business world.

However, not all five fingers are the same. In that way, INTPs never go for suggestions because they believe themselves without anyone else and therefore they rarely prefer taking and using any suggestion in terms of the venture because of their strong faith in the success of their idea due to uniqueness.


INTP entrepreneurs live up to their classification. With their exceptional thinking abilities, they are more efficient than an ordinary entrepreneur because of their analytical abilities. Though their communication level with the real domain is a bare minimum. However, if their ideas are solid enough to live up to the expectations of the market. It becomes very easy for them to build their separate kind of ladder to reach the top position of the entrepreneurial world.



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