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Top 10 Awesome Entrepreneurship Activities To Practice

Entrepreneurship activities are efficient enough to promote entrepreneurship and its precepts.

Key Facts

  • Entrepreneurship activities are a specified set of activities that are being organized for young entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Such activities are designed by financial experts and entrepreneurship educators to make entrepreneurship easier for aspiring ones and prepare them for future challenges ahead of time.
  • Often such activities are in the form of puzzles, planning sheets, cards, and group assessments which invoke several entrepreneurial skills in the learners.
  • The best thing about entrepreneurship activities is that they help the entrepreneurs to minimize practical risks in the field when they actually step into it because of continuous reinforcement of the strategies.

What are Entrepreneurship Activities?

Entrepreneurship activities are defined as the activities which are planned rightly according to the standards of business. Several interesting puzzles or games are made part of the business domain to capture the interest of the youth.

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This also helps in educating them about the latest business strategies as they employ all of their cognitive and thinking skills to focus upon the activities which are a blend of creativity and entrepreneurial basis.

Who is the Targeted Audience?

Entrepreneurship activities are directed toward the young lot. This breed is the one that is trying to develop interests in their creative power alongside employing the use of conventional business strategies. The chief reason behind the development of such activities is to enhance their creative power and train them in a pattern that ensures that their creativity increases by contributing and solving the minor issues which they encounter.

These activities are arranged in an order circulating around all the major concepts of entrepreneurship. They find various puzzles and games on financial freedom, investing skills, problem handling skills, and business management. Together, every one of the concepts combines to give entrepreneurial spirit expressing itself through the creative power of the young entrepreneurs.

Top 10 Entrepreneurship Activities

Many individuals are in favor of enhancing creativity in classrooms. This creativity comes from the interest of the public and the kind of opportunities that are constituted from the core concepts of entrepreneurship.

  1. Business Puzzles
  2. The Investment Box
  3. Logical Cards
  4. Planning Sheets
  5. A Jar of Ideas
  6. The Creativity Noticeboard
  7. Young Ideas Space
  8. The Dream Team Activity
  9. Model Venture Activity
  10. The What if Game

Business Puzzles

Business puzzles are the first part of this journey. If you are an entrepreneurial education, then it’s a good start to move forward with the business puzzles. These puzzles can help you a lot in finding out the hidden spark among the talented ones.

Such business puzzles are designed in a way that they intend to enhance your business skills. For example, many of the puzzles come up with “open solutions”. Open solutions invite young entrepreneurs to traverse through the path of entrepreneurship and explore the solution of a business-related issue in their own way.

Such puzzles involve creative thinking and bring forth the innovative sense of an individual. This helps an entrepreneur to sharpen his memory in terms of venture basics. Furthermore, the creativity and problem solving strategy with which these ventures are developed invite a variety of intellectual entrepreneurs to make their own rules and set examples of their exceptional talent.

The Investment Box

This minor hero is number two on our ideal wish list. This hero is known as the wonderful investment agent because it tells the skills required for the sake of a fine investment. Sometimes, you also get to find a very extraordinary financial lesson with the help of its magical lesson.

Now, let me open it up for you. Many educators of business financial management consider it the best thing, to begin with. Some call it the “envelope of investment”. In this activity, users are given a box or an envelope of some monetary unit and they are advised to use their financial wit for the cause of doubling up the money in that investment box.

This allows the entrepreneurs to think out of the box and find ways by which they can employ a certain amount of money into a venture and can make it profitable. This is also a test of their patience skills.

This activity helps you to find out whether you are content with the number of bucks in your box or are you courageous enough to increase it in major volumes with the help of your excellent financial management knowledge.

Logical Cards Club

Remember your time from kindergarten when you used to memorize words and names by the incorporation of gleamy and superb-looking flashcards? Well, this time, the concept is making its way into the business world.

The logical cards activity helps you to understand the point of logic out of certain real-life business situations so that you can employ this activeness in a real-life venture in the end.

Many educators consider them the best substitute in place of complex theories because they are pretty much applicable and easier to understand especially for the young lot. Here, you get to find the power of an entrepreneur’s logic which is required to run an entrepreneurial venture.

In addition to that, you find how a venture can succeed depending on your interpretive power. A number of leading entrepreneurship educators have declared it as their most favorite one among all other entrepreneurship activities because it enables them to apply their ideas to a real-world problem in an interactive way and decide solutions considering the circumstances which are a part of the problem.

Planning Journal

It can be your fine choice if you find yourself procrastinating a bit more than usual. For individuals, who are not used to planning on a regular basis, this can become a lifesaver.

Now you would be thinking why though? Because it provides you with all the necessary guidelines which you need to follow in the entrepreneurial universe. A planning journal is a colorful combination of all your business habits and the routine of a successful entrepreneur arranged altogether in a fixed pattern.

This can be a fantastic activity for those individuals who love to journal and write about their daily activities. The best part about planning is the note-taking mechanism which automatically allows individuals to keep a note of all their business strategies and always come back to them whenever they feel that there is a need for amendment.

A Jar of Ideas

Ideas can be found everywhere. This is a fact. Even in a jar, you can get some of the absolutely fabulous ideas. Don’t believe me? Well, let me clear it out for you.

A jar of ideas calls for a little activity where entrepreneurs are exposed to various ideas and they are made to select one on the basis of sheer luck. In a jar, the educator writes different real-life problems and the aspiring entrepreneur is made to select one of those minuscule pieces of paper. When they find their idea, they have to come up with a strategy and its significance to promote the whole entrepreneurial agenda.

The best ideas can then be skimmed, analyzed, and forwarded to the practice grounds for implementation. This could be the best exercise for those who love to be creative but upon the call from authority.

The Creativity Noticeboard

This one is really interesting. A noticeboard is used to indicate the most important things in institutions. Entrepreneurship is another significant thing. The creativity noticeboard calls for your creativity to be brought in complete action. For this activity, the young minds can come up with the finest pitching ideas which can work in the practical market. The new ideas need to be lifted on the noticeboard where they are reflected upon the young minds. Such a noticeboard is fantastic when it comes to giving you unique ideas. As an entrepreneur, you can not just come up with the finest opinions but also skim the shortest agendas to make them a part of reality.

Young Ideas Space

This idea is specifically organized for young minds by considering their social preferences. We all know that social media is a big part of everybody’s life today. One cannot expect to exist without the connection of the social web.

So, this activity could be arranged for sole purposes. YIS is a call for creating ideas that are entertaining, refreshing, and appealing to practical society. As a part of the social domain, YIS creates such spaces where one can easily share the latest market trends and can accumulate their market knowledge for the purpose of growth.

One can also arrange guest speakers for a particular space so that they can share their experiences with the aspiring ones and can bring forth due awareness about entrepreneurial education.

The Dream Team Activity

Teamwork is always dream work. When you are an entrepreneur, you have to understand the significance of teamwork. Without a good team, the whole venture goes down the drain. Hence, some team management skills are more than essential.

This activity is specially designed to ensure that quality. As a member of your dream team, you are able to create magic by managing your duties by working in correspondence with those who want to work along with you. The educator here makes different teams with the end goal of developing a small venture with the help of a unique idea.

When every member coordinates and communicates with each other on the basis of mutual understanding, the end result is always a surprise for all. It also helps the team members to gain experience when they are actually up to something serious. They become more focused and organized upon knowing that their effort can make or break a grand entrepreneurial venture.

Model Venture Activity

This one is a bit complex as compared to the other activities. Being an entrepreneur, you can never go for the good. Sometimes you have to accomplish the most difficult tasks.

The model venture activity calls for that. A model venture enables you to take a most common problem which is troubling every other individual and come up with something which is peculiar yet functional in the practical sphere.

This activity helps you to bring all of your strengths together on a single platform where you have to focus, construct, compute, search and develop all on your own. Furthermore, in the end, you are able to give a unique touch to your creation by making it exclusive to the public.

Model venture activity is often organized by various incubation centers for the sake of promoting young entrepreneurial talent. The best ideas are then adorned with validation and approval. This is the best method for finding out the peculiar ideas which can set an example in the market.

The What If Game

We all know that wishes make an important part of our life. Probably, every one of us has wished for something best in our lives. All our lives are dependent on the most used utterance, “what if”.

What if this connotation becomes a reality? Well, in the world of entrepreneurship, nothing is impossible. This what-if turns its shape into a healthy what-if activity where the young minds are instructed to pitch ideas which they want to consider as the foundation of their entrepreneurial ventures.

They are given different real-life problems from where they have to select the one falling exactly with their idea and have to pitch all the alluring yet diversifying ideas that can set their ventures apart from their rivals. This kind of activity is usually organized by educators when they are training new entrepreneurs on a primary basis.

We all are well aware of the fact that the life of a venture depends upon the idea behind it, hence the pitches which are adopted by the young entrepreneurs are then analyzed further so that the educator can find out their efficacy and then make any possible amendments where it becomes necessary.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship Activities

Such activities promote:

  • The critical thinking of an entrepreneur enables him/her to look at all the perspectives of an issue rather than concerning a particular side.
  • The focus of an entrepreneur is because when young minds keep on focusing upon the issues and then derive their solutions, this helps him/her to analyze a situation in a better way.
  • The skill of an entrepreneur as every phase of all of these activities is organized to measure the individual skill of an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship activities can be a good choice for you as an educator as well as an aspiring entrepreneur. These skills intensify your growth as a person who knows the market and is aware of coming up with unique ideas. The growth of ideas helps an entrepreneur to come up with a unique idea when beginning with a real-life venture and minimising risks because of the rigorous training being achieved through these activities.



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