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6 Surprising Facts About Personal Finance Loans Which No One Tells You

Personal finance loans are becoming common these days since the requirements exceed income which makes their information obligatory.

Personal finance management also handles loans and debts with various interests. Though financial experts often forbid people to take excessive loans, sometimes it becomes a necessary requisite. You cannot sustain normal life without them. Well, this makes personal finance loans a normal part of our financial life.


  • A personal finance loan is an amount that you borrow from banks and money lending organizations.
  • For a personal finance loan, you need to have a credit score above 650 and a debt-to-income ratio of 36%.
  • A personal finance loan is an active agent to be used for setting up a new business or managing your personal affairs.
  • Interest rates and time duration must be checked from time to time so that things don’t get out of hand during the personal finance loan payment.

Personal Finance Loans

A personal finance loan is often considered a “personal loan containing a specific amount which people borrow from various banks or specific money lending organizations.” These loans are granted at certain interest rates over a fixed duration.

Personal finance loans are preferred by people who are members of the working class and need money for several big issues or ventures throughout their lives.

Though, personal finance loans seem like a good option to consider whenever you need money but the reality is different. When you are about to take the loan, you are also bounding yourself to return a much larger amount of money than what you have actually lent.

This is the only negative quality about these kinds of loans that you become bound to certain interest as well as a limited time duration.

Requirements for a Personal Finance Loan

For a personal finance loan, you don’t need a number of documents. All your bank or the money lending organization asks for is:

  • The Credit Score
  • Debt-To-Income Ratio

Credit Score

A credit score is a necessary requisite for the application for a personal finance loan. This is because you might be owing to some debt to the cause of the credit too. 

Organizations or financial institutions want to ensure that you are not a defaulter. You know well what the outcome of being a defaulter in the financial world is. It is, therefore, necessary for you to always keep a check on your credit score and keep it within the best limits possible. 

The ideal credit score is always the “Brilliant” one which is a score of 800. However, for applying for a personal finance loan, you can maintain it somewhere as low as 650. Remember that! Beyond this limit, you no longer remain credible for a personal finance loan.

Another interesting thing which no one has ever told you is that if your credit score is good then there are fine chances of low-interest rates laid up for you otherwise you would be eligible to return the loan at a much higher interest rate. So, keep your credit score polished and well-maintained. 

Debt-To-Income Ratio

Excuse me! This is exclusively for all those mates who have never once gotten their hands on financial terminology. Let me break this whole term for you.

 A debt-to-income ratio asks for your overall income and in comparison to that income, it finds out about your total debts which you are already paying or have to pay yet. 

Right after finding all these debts, the financial calculators derive a specific ratio or a percentage to find out about your overall expense. An ideal score or the ideal percentile in the financial language is about 36%.

Once you have the required percentile, you automatically become eligible for the personal finance loan. Now, you must be wondering about the need for that in the first place.

So let me clear this out to you. The purpose for calculating this is to find whether you are in a position to return debt along with interest in the estimated time or not. If the scale goes down, the bank thinks you don’t have enough credit to pay them back. So, they avoid the unwanted fate.

Why Go For A Personal Finance Loan?

A personal finance loan can help you in a number of your personal or professional ventures. Most people prefer taking a personal finance loan because they find a good source to get immediate money in no time with no hard and fast rules.

Another thing that must be appreciated is that you don’t find the sky-rocketed interest rates over here. Your interests directly become dependent on the amount you earn.

Furthermore, the ease to return it back in a limited duration makes it attractive for many individuals since a gradual return of money is a popular behavior.

Things For Which You Can Take A Personal Finance Loan

A personal finance loan can be used for a number of things. However, you can use a personal finance loan to:

  • Start A Business Of Your Own
  • Pay Off Your Child’s College Fee
  • Invest In a Profitable Venture
  • Use In The Purchase Of A House
  • Manage The Wedding Expense
  • Get A Vehicle Of Your Own 

Start A Business Of Your Own

A number of individuals have a dream of establishing their own business and making their own money. Seeing the current situation of the market, this dream seems justifiable. 

A personal finance loan can help you achieve this dream of yours. Once you are granted the loan, the next step for you is to contemplate well about the kind of business you want to start. You cannot waste the money which you have gained and will soon be returning in a span of some months or years. 

The best way to do this is to study the market. Once you study the market and understand the trends, after that you are able to start a business that is in popular demand. If your business starts running well, then you can easily pay the debt in no time alongside making a profit.

Pay Off Your Child’s College Fee

A number of student loans are available in the financial world to aid admission. Yet, the problem is the limited duration in which you have to pay back this loan at any cost and of course a much higher interest rate. Personal finance loans can be of great help for this purpose along with the education plan. With a fixed strategy in mind, you can easily admit your child to renowned educational colleges.

Invest In A Profitable Venture

Another good use of the personal finance loan could be making the right type of investment. This is an accepted fact that everyone wants to make money and what better source can be there for doing so except the right kind of investment. Once you have invested in the right place, you can manage your expenses well by earning profit out of that along with the clean payment of your debt at the right time.

Use In The Purchase Of A House

Another use can be for the sake of getting a house of your own. Don’t look at me with utter surprise. I know mortgages are there for the sound purchase of a house but you also know that their interest rates are quite high and sometimes not even mortgages are enough for the payment. 

So, you can use this money to complete your dreams. The only thing you need to consider is that there is no way you are forgetting to pay the installments on time. Once such careless effort from your side and everything will fall down.

Manage The Wedding Expense

Marriages these days have become too expensive in terms of the arrangements which are needed for them. So, if you are a person who hardly manages the job and personal expenses, this can be your call to manage your wedding well with the help of a personal finance loan.

With the help of a personal finance loan, you can easily handle all the necessary expenses related to the wedding. Just be careful about paying your debts right at the exact time.

Get A Vehicle Of Your Own

A lot of us have the wish to get a vehicle for ourselves that could be of help at the workplace as well as in managing our personal transportation. Though, car loans have a desperate category in the list. Yet, you can consider this loan as the more benefitting one because of low-interest rates and more time duration.

How Long Should I Take To Return A Personal Finance Loan?

Well, that depends on the overall time period which has been assigned to you as well as the overall financial situation. The norm favored by the financial expert is that always try to return the loan two to three months prior to your limit ending. This creates a good impression and your chances for future personal finance loans increase.


A personal finance loan no doubt is of great help. If you are keen to take a loan then consider smoothing out your assets and expenses first. This is because, if you have a clear record of your financial expenditures, things can get easier for you to manage. 

Another thing of significance is that whatever is the reason for taking the loan, never make it too late to pay it off because then the interest would increase and the situation will become difficult for you to manage.



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