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Entrepreneurship Networking: A Guide to the Most Essential Agenda of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Networking Guide

Entrepreneurship is often thought of as an ideology that takes the shape of reality right when the skills combine to form something grand. This grand nature of the entrepreneurial venture takes the human mind to another assumption. You find that it is not the entrepreneur alone who creates wonders but there is an entire system of individuals who are assisting the very setup from the beginning. This realisation is the onset of the understanding of the entire networking process.

What is Networking?

A network is referred to as interconnected systems which altogether combine to form one single web of systems. These can be taken as the smaller units which run the greater system on the whole. It can also be referred to as the group of ladders which eventually take you to the destination. In short, it is a collection of various subunits before it completes the entire journey and holds the authority to refer to itself as a unit.


Consider the example of a business organisation. At every level, you will find some sublevels which are making up the whi business intact in general. Every business consists of several departments. These departments are altogether a symbol of union because they are working for the same goal. It is their goal which makes them hold the same position of authority and therefore we call a certain business a network that is spread at many mini levels but together every level synchronises with the other one for the achievement of the same goals.

Entrepreneurship Networking

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it must be remembered that it is not a stand alone mechanism. It rather involves different human beings who are helping each other at various levels. 

Not only human beings, but there are certain productivity tools, the artificial help modules you might be needing for the completion of an entrepreneurship venture. Thus, all of it at the end takes up the name of entrepreneurship where the credit goes to the creator, the real mind behind the venture. 

However, upon the dissection, there is not just the creator who is involved in the creation but every single individual is there who has contributed in the venture one way or the other making the basis of the bussss solid as it was possible.

Actors of Action

More often the units or the members of EN are regarded as actors of action. The actors of action are the actual forces responsible for the completion of a certain entrepreneurial venture. Other than this, they also consist of the individuals with which the entrepreneur comes into contact to carry out the daily life activities involving the venture. 

These are the sources responsible for the success of a business at the end because they handle the creativity put forth by the entrepreneur him/herself. Therefore, the financial terminology calls them the agents of action or the actors of action who provoke the action enabling the venture to complete on time.

Cooperative Venture

Every entrepreneurial venture is a cooperative venture where you find various individuals cooperating with one another. The most significant part is that all of these individuals are striving hard for the achievement of one single common goal that is the success of the business. To ensure the success, every individual cooperates with the other in different forms, performs the duties which are being assigned and at the end reports to one single individual about all the activities. This makes every individual equally important who comes along the ladder of succession.

The Ladder of the Cooperative Venture

In every entrepreneurial pursuit, there is a certain ladder of entrepreneurial arrangement or cooperation which works from the bottom to the top in full correspondence with each other for the achievement of unifying success. Here are the steps which constitute the very ladder of cooperation

  • Entrepreneur
  • Members
  • Suppliers
  • Developers
  • Researchers
  • Marketers
  • Transporters
  • Distributors
  • Sellers
  • Buyers


An entrepreneur is the first member who finds the chain of the whole cooperative or networking process. He/She is the actual mind behind the whole venture. As an entrepreneur, you are the one who has made up your mind to start the journey in the business world. An idea is cooking up in your mind and you know that this idea is going to transform the business world in one way or the other. 

So, you strive hard for its actualization. You are creating a business plan that could be efficient according to the demands of the business town out there and you are then interacting with like-minded people whom you consider a valuable asset for your venture. So as an entrepreneur, you are the source who constitutes the entire setup of networking.


Members or team members are the team under you who then pick up your idea and then start working on various areas which suit their talents better. Each and every member is assigned certain duties from the authorities or the entrepreneurial to complete a certain goal. 

When all the members combine together for the completion of these goals, the overall spirit of teamwork is achieved and the first goal of idea modification is started from over there for work on the practical grounds.


After the team members, coke suppliers. Their role is extremely significant in the arrangement and composition of the product. They are the ones who provide raw materials for the product. You can never complete the entrepreneurial journey, if the basic raw material or sources you need to finance are absent from this list.


Taking the guideline from the entrepreneur, it is the duty of developers to constitute the product. They are the minds behind shaping up the product in the form which is thought by the entrepreneur. These are the actual champions of the whole idea. 

The developers with the help of their skilled knowledge take all the necessary instructions and on the basis of it formulate a component of a product that is newer and would be attracting the customers later on when it makes its way to the mainstream market.


Though their role looks minimal upon the first glance in the entire network, these are the most significant members of the entire network. They are responsible for carrying out the research including the product. They study the usability of the product as well the need of that specific product in the market. 

On the basis of their observations collected from the market, they then create a detailed report and send it to the original creator of the idea i-e the entrepreneur who studies this and then decides further. If the report is positive, then it’s a heads up and the preparations of the introduction of the product are being started.


These heroes then with the help of their alluring talent help the entrepreneur create magic in the mainstream market. They with the assistance of various strategies make it possible to introduce the product in a way that it becomes impossible for the buyers to ignore it. They have various ways of doing the promotion of the product to make sure that it reaches out to a wider number of individuals.


The product needs to make its way in the mainstream market and shops. This is incomplete unless the transporters come forward, take one look at the product and then initiate the transportation process of the very product. 

The transporters act as a bridge which connects the entrepreneur to the market and help him to introduce his/her product in various markets with the help of the means they provide to do so.


From transporters, the entrepreneur then comes in contact with the distributors. These are the members who are interested in introducing the product in the mainstream market by distributing it out to the local market. 

Each distributor has a fixed code of ethics and has varying terms and conditions upon which he agrees to distribute the product nationwide as well as internationally by keeping some of the earned profit in his own pocket.


Though an entrepreneur is the actual mind behind an entrepreneurial venture that leads to the production of a specific product. However, it is not the entrepreneur who directly sells the product to the consumers. 

There are small level dealers or traders which take the product from the distributor and start selling it at their local shops or stores for the sake of profit. An entrepreneur also has effective contact with all the sellers who made him/her aware about the general trend of the commoners regarding the product.


A buyer is someone who ensures the profit of the entrepreneur by purchasing that specific product for its commercial or personal use. Though buyers are not often credited for their services like the way they should be yet they are present in this entire networking chain. 

These are the consumers for whom the original product is designed in the first place and these are the individuals who decide the future of the venture as well as the product in the business world.


It must be remembered that every individual of the network is closely related to the other one. An entrepreneur definitely needs a finely arranged networking mechanism to carry out the venture efficiently for it guarantees the perfect functioning in the right order.



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