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Surprisingly superb 6 entrepreneurship articles we think you need to read to get a better idea about the concept of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a concept that has gained much fame over the recent period. This is because a number of people have shown their interest in finding out the basics of magic. Over the last few years, much has been written and explained about the concept so that the business junkies never find themselves astray in the complex world of entrepreneurship.

It is an accepted fact that every day new sources are brainstorming over the entire concept and thus formulating new definitions and boundaries of the entire concept which they claim is more refined than the previous one. Excess of everything is bad and there is no exception when we talk about things written on the sensitive subject of entrepreneurship.

The best of all-time

Though there are various voices claiming to carry the authenticity in their attempt to provide the best information of all time. However, there are still some finest pieces that are left alone or often neglected in hope of finding the pieces better than them. So, it is high time that we once again begin diverting our attention towards the long-forgotten pieces written on entrepreneurship that are exceptional in terms of their keenness directed to provide authentic information.

The Superb Six

So, all of you who have the germs of being an entrepreneur sooner or later and are looking for some sort of guidance that can help you find out your true direction in the field, here are the top seven articles curated very carefully by us exclusively meant for you. So, let’s cut it short and begin with the names.

  • “50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur” 
  • “Mark Cuban Says These are The Dumbest Things Entrepreneurs Do”
  • “How to Write a Business Proposal (Examples & Templates)”
  • “What Makes a Leader?” 
  • “The Top 5 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong”
  • “Think you’re Too Old to Be an Entrepreneur? Think Again.”

“50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur” 

This article from the hub of entrepreneurs “” specifies all the traits that are essentially found in an entrepreneur. This article clears out every single characteristic from the professional to the personal point of view, clearing out your personality in a matter of almost fifteen minutes.

From professional commitment to the act of leading others, all the traits are carefully mentioned on the basis of studies, success stories, and the habits of successful people. You find out the significance of building up your personality in order to get the results which you have wished for in your life. In a nutshell, this article alone stands well to tell you the difference between those who are deemed extraordinary amidst the ordinary breed.

The good side of the article

The traits are mentioned in bullets which makes it easier for you to analyze and mark up in your checklist individually. Plus, side by side you also get an insight into other successful habits you might be needing as to be a leader, thinker, or planner.

“Mark Cuban Says These are The Dumbest Things Entrepreneurs Do”

Another piece coming from explains the point of view of the business giant “Mark Cuban”. Now you don’t ask us who the personality is because we are sure that every entrepreneur must be well familiar with his achievements along with the lifestyle which he has adapted. A well-formulated balance between personal and professional life is probably the biggest reason for his fame across the entrepreneurial community.

In this article, he tells about some of the common mistakes the entrepreneurs commit in their zeal to make a lot by spending minimum energy and time. He carefully points out the mistakes which are often considered harmless by the entrepreneurial lot but can eventually turn into a blunder if not handled with utmost care at the very start of the venture.

The good side of the article

The entrepreneur’s take on the mistakes is especially highlighted with headlines that are striking enough to capture attention. At the same time, the headlines themselves clear the entire agenda about the mistake. The best part about the article is that not only the blunders are mentioned for grabbing attention but the timely solutions for every problem are provided side by side. This makes it quite easy to go through a self-analysis.

“How to Write a Business Proposal (Examples & Templates)”

Now, this piece is something really necessary for all the budding entrepreneurs who are curious about the business plan tactics. Indeed, curating a workable and efficient business plan is no less than an exam but with wicked strategies and a little effort, you can surely ace it. This article takes you on a journey of finding out the right steps which are needed for the beautification of your very own business plan.

You not only find a step to step guide which tells you about the basics of a business plan suiting the very industry of yours but also find amazing templates according to your choice so that you can definitely leave an everlasting mark on the mainstream market. Here all your queries get solved in an instant plus the easy guide makes you take some practical steps to modify your plan.

The good side of the article

Everything is elaborated in extensive detail. The way of explanation is very easy going and you find yourself learning in no time with the help of amazing bullet points which are there at the beginning of every step. What I liked most about the article is the lively sense of expression and special attention towards an explanation of the concepts, so that these things never get out of the mind once they make their way into it.

“What Makes a Leader?” 

As an entrepreneur, your prime duty is to become an influence for all others, you need to tell others about your individual capacity as a person who can manage the workload and pressure-driven situations. Many entrepreneurs claim that they are exemplary and do possess the leadership genes but that is a mere exaggeration. In real-life situations, leadership seems to be the only missing factor from the lives of many entrepreneurs.

So this article sets the bar high and tells you who should be credited as a leader and who should not. It tells you about all the specific traits present in the leaders which are responsible for them holding the serious position and the ability to become an inspiration. All the characteristics are listed in this article which can not only tell you about the leaders of the time but can also teach you some traits if you want to be the next source of inspiration.

The good side of the article

The details are efficient in terms of their everyday application plus it incorporates the use of mind and technology side by side to list the characteristics. However, you have to go the extra mile and subscribe yourself at first but you surely are not going to regret the effort in the end.

“The Top 5 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong”

Coming from Huffpost, this article serves to clear out the common myths which are found in the entrepreneurial market regarding clients’ attitudes. It tells you about the significance of individual power and strategies other than considering the demands coming from the client’s side. The basic rules of business are once again elaborated to you with ideal reasoning and some valid points.

You find out the reason behind the failure of certain businesses and the disentangling attitude of your team. Not only are you informed about the downside of believing the myth, but the long-lasting impacts of living up with the false assumption are also expressed in the piece.

The good side of the article

The reasoning is given in headlines that are bold and capture immediate attention. You are also given practical examples of the points which form the basis of the overall argument. All this makes the article a fine piece to go through and an easier piece of information to interpret and apply.

“Think you’re Too Old to Be an Entrepreneur? Think Again.”

Entrepreneurship sees no boundaries, faces no restrictions, and paves no limitations on the way. This is the entire summary of this piece. You get to find out the reason for giving up on entrepreneurship on the basis of age factor. This piece tells you about diverting your focus from age to effort. Not only is the myth broken but you are provided with some of the workable strategies that can really help you change your mind.

The article is known for its description of the business world and comparison of the difficulties with the tests. You are provided a platform over here where you can test your skills just like the way you want and then direct all your individual strengths for the success of your venture as per the article.

The good side of the article

A detailed explanation of everything. The author begins from the myths to the probable cause of the belief and eventually comes to the strategies part where the interrelatedness of success and effort serves to shatter the myth completely.

And it’s a wrap

All these articles mentioned in this piece of writing cover various stages of entrepreneurship. They not only clear out some myths associated with the field but also serve to provide the necessary guideline through either step to step guides or the experiences of the experienced ones. The end goal however is singular in nature which picks just one word as the favorite choice and it is nothing else except “SUCCESS”.



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