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A Little Known Account Of The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship in (2022)

Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

Very few people are aware of the dark side of entrepreneurship which gradually becomes intense if not considered early.

You must have heard that “Excess of everything is bad.” This seems to be true in the case of entrepreneurship where no matter how hard you work and spend most of your resources and skills for the success and achievement of an end goal, you still have to suffer one way or the other.

People in today’s world have become more work conscious than ever. They regard work as the ultimate worship.

Spending long hours at work gives them much but it takes a lot too, only if one stops at a point to understand what is being lost. This is another thing that many of the entrepreneurs are not even aware of the loss they have experienced other than the materialistic one.

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Key Facts

  • Entrepreneurship has a dark side too which focuses on the negative impacts of entrepreneurship.
  • When you work for long hours, it’s natural to get tired and lose your personal life.
  • Depression of competition and strategies to remain active in the market are burdensome for an entrepreneur.
  • Renowned entrepreneurs have also felt the devastating side of entrepreneurship and have described it a number of times.
  • It is necessary for an individual to create a balance between work-life and personal life in order to keep pace with the normal side of life.

What Is The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship can be the ultimate way of your success making you successful in the business field. However, have you ever realized that when you work as an entrepreneur in the field for continuous hours, there is a lot you miss in your personal life? Isn’t it a loss for you?

The idea of losing your personal life slowly and gradually by the trap of professional life seems suffocating. Unfortunately, we have adopted this way today where our personal life becomes a mess right in front of us and all of our efforts are directed towards saving our professional life.

We don’t care how miserable the personal life gets but we care about the profits and losses of the professional world, this is the real dark side of entrepreneurship as it has trapped people in the maze of professionalism taking their personal freedom aaa ransom from them.

What Do Entrepreneurs Have To Say About The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship?

You all might remember the ridiculously ironic incident where Mark Zuckerberg, who is known as the face of Facebook, deleted all his Facebook account and stated that because of all that social media fuss going all around and long working hours, he was unable to focus on his family, so he decided to delete his online presence to distribute his time between the family and work.

Another example is Space X’s prestigious creator, Elon Musk. Musk once tweeted that he didn’t feel lucky or rich because he had to work for continuous hours in order to ensure the success of a project. This served as an eye-opener for many individuals around the globe who had forgotten that their families and personal lives are also important other than the work-life.

This is not just a matter of one or two entrepreneurs but every other professional who is a pro in the field always finds himself miserable whenever it comes to his personal life. Personal life devastation is another thing but the pressure of the work serves as an enemy in the way of success.

Some Of The Adverse Impacts Of Entrepreneurship

  • Tiredness
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Loss of Personal Life
  • The pressure of Business Rivalry
  • Pressure of Innovation 

Entrepreneurship Makes You Tired And Worn Out

Imagine working as a machine all day and night. How would you feel? At one point you will eventually get tired of working for long hours in a row. Current entrepreneurship has created this attitude a lot.

Entrepreneurs have to work for continuous hours regardless of the time which is of course very unhealthy. According to scientific studies, for a healthy body, it is very important for you to have a maximum of six hours of sleep.

We all know that when a business venture is at its early stage, an entrepreneur not only invests his money and skills but his time too. There are entrepreneurs who have consecutively worked for 23 hours out of the 24 hours in a day. Though this attitude looks benefitting and satisfying enough from the perspective of a business’s growth, on a personal level, this type of behavior is extremely disastrous.

It is because eventually you become so much addicted to this routine that even if you try to sleep, insomnia takes hold of you and makes it impossible for you to sleep without some medical aid. This results in making you tired more than usual and you look worn out right before the onset of old age.

Entrepreneurship Is The Leading Cause Of Depression And Anxiety

You all are fully aware of the protocols of working in a competitive environment. Whenever an entrepreneur tries to work in such an environment, he is not only working hard but is more or less trying to prove his worth amid the bigger players.

This creates a sense of anxiety and nervousness within him and he becomes aggressive. Anger issues are most common in entrepreneurs who are just taking their flight in the entrepreneurial sky.

This is due to the unpredictability of the market. Somehow, a new entrepreneur is always afraid of the market. Being a new member in the business town, he is unaware of the conditions.

Also, the first failure attacks some of the entrepreneurs very disastrously. This is because of the extreme effort of the entrepreneur that makes him depressed to a large extent. Often it makes him a heart patient or creates nervous issues within him.

His depression elevates more and more as the competition gets on enhancing in the market. This continuous episodic depression makes him unable to concentrate on his professional life.

Entrepreneurship Takes Your Personal Life Away From You

When you become an entrepreneur, you are willing to serve perfectly in the business domain. You do every single thing which is required of you. This makes you a bit ignorant of your personal life.

It is a common observation that an individual can only concentrate at a single place at a time. Whether it’s your personal life or whether it’s professional. So, when you become more focussed on the professional sphere, the sufferer is usually your personal life.

You have to give up a number of personal events for the cause of your work, you miss birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, and even the most specific occasions of your family for the sake of your profession which is negatively interpreted by yours and your family.

Entrepreneurship Creates Business Rivalry That Extends Up To Your Personal Life

Rivalry is not appreciated at any place. In business, it is common to have one too many rivals of yours in the market. It is obvious that every single rival works to provide the best possible results in the market.

They want to exceed and take your place. So, this rivalry can sometimes turn bitter and may exceed your personal life, if the rivals are keen on taking your throne from you. This issue is very common in business. When you become famous, the enemies become intense.

Your competitors become the conspirators and do their best to remove you from your place. In doing so they use different strategies which can get troublesome for you. So, the pressure becomes doubled.

On one hand, you have to keep an eye over the innovative eyes, and on the other, you have to maintain a check at the attempt of your competitors who would always be working to eradicate your rule completely from the market.

Entrepreneurship Causes A Continuous Run For Innovative Ideas

You must be shocked to read this because earlier I have mentioned that entrepreneurship’s best part is innovation. However, continuous innovation is tiresome and difficult for the entrepreneur to adopt.

You cannot expect to innovate every single day because it makes a huge deal of resources, time, and skills to create ideas and ventures out of that. Probably, the worst part about entrepreneurship is that you don’t have any idea about the ultimate success.

Here the success rate of ventures changes every single hour. We all have seen many successful business ventures of the market who had once enjoyed a great degree of prestige in the market like BlackBerry and iPod but now they no longer remain active like they were once because of the ongoing competition and more advanced kinds of technological ventures.

So, it’s a bit disheartening for the entrepreneur as well that you have to make your venture better, best, and perfect to stay in the market for a long time, or else you will be a tale of bygone times.


The dark side of entrepreneurship though exists there like the bad side of everything. One cannot escape from this reality, however, one can still work out to create a balance in order to avoid the continuous clash of personal and professional life.

Creating a balance is essential because it will help you rejoice after hours of stuff routine. For the case of innovation, you can adopt measures to make improvements frequently, so that you don’t have to remove your origin from the business market all of a sudden.


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